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Numerology/Astrology for 2/14/18

2/14/18 is the number 9. Within each person is a dragon. Which is the number 9. A dragon is a mythological creature of great power, telepathic ability, strength, wisdom, and has the ability to breathe fire. It is a creature of this world and not of this world. A creature that is here to remind us of our power and potential. The number 9 is trying to ignite that fire in your belly to do something that has meaning and that potentially can define this life of yours out of the mundane and into the miraculous. But you must let that dragon out. You must learn to let others see that fire in your belly. You must not be afraid of who or what you are. If you do not step into your own place within the Universal Spiritual Laws and Karmic Rules of this world then you are not at choice in certain matters but at the whim of the pendulum swings of karma. You either choose wakefulness and responsibility or you choose to become the victim of your own actions. Either way, the laws of karma prevail. The choice is yours.
Valentine’s Day has the Moon in friendly Aquarius. Work on the friendship side of your relationships rather than the romantic love that is typical of this holiday. There is room for some fantasy romance because Venus is moving through Pisces, a sign that loves fantasy and illusions. But perhaps the best advice is to combine romance and friendship in your life and do not expect that which you are attracted to at this time to be completely real. Learn to live in the moment without expectations in the future and this day will pass happily. With both the Sun’s alignment with Juno in Aquarius and a semi-square between Venus and Pluto today, power dynamics in relationships are in sharp focus. You are taking pride in your relationships and remember that true love requires you to put forth extra effort to strengthen and support those bonds and to build trust that can last a lifetime. Underlying tensions in social interactions can surface today. I hate to say it, but you need to look for ulterior motives in the actions of others as there is a strong distortion in the field or a desire to live in a fantasy. Be cautious of those that feel possessive because manipulation can color relationships if you are not careful today. Fortunately, in the astrology there is a Mercury-Uranus sextile, that introduces some much-needed healthy detachment and objectivity. Talking things through can be very useful now. You might just come up with a few bright ideas. Breathe life into your projects. Remember, there is a Solar Eclipse that occurs tomorrow night in Aquarius, making it a good time to wind down and become more reflective today.

~Suzanne Wagner~




When in darkness you search for a light.
It does not need to be strong or bright.
But it needs to be unwavering and clear.
It is the star guiding your boat through the fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~




I came into this life to bring joy to others. My driving force when I was young was to show you the beauty in the world and the emotional depth that is possible through dance. My purpose was to take you for a brief moment out of your mind and to whisk you off to another place where fairy tales can become true and that the darkness inside you can be transformed. Even in this moment, nothing has changed. I am still attempting to do that same journey. Even as there are those in this world that want to rip the heart and soul out of all that is good and right in the world. Hope is something that survives in the darkest of times. Hope can live in spaces that want to suck the air out of everything. Hope clings on because hope is what motivates change in this world. Hope knows we can do better. Hope believes in the potential that this world holds to show the power of love and truth over lies and suffering. So, when others lash out in their fear and their own wounding, let that clinging hope stubbornly pull you off the cliffs of despair and make you mad enough to motivate you to make this world a better place. This world is the canvas upon which your life story is written. How is your story going at the moment? Are you the willing hero/heroine or the unwilling hero/heroine? Some people only show up fully when the circumstances give them no other choice. Clearly at this time there are many of those. Perhaps you can choose to be your own super hero/heroine right now! Become that which you wish and hope to be. Respond to all situations as that superhero/heroine. Protect and help the innocent. Stand up against the evil in the world. And make things that are wrong…right.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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