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Numerology/Astrology for 2/13/19

2/13/19 is the number 9. Completion comes when you accept what is. When you look back and recognize that you could not have done anything differently. Nor could others. Everyone is wounded. Everyone is down here doing their karma and working through difficult issues that you may not know, nor do they know at times. Damage causes each of us to create shells around our hearts and gives our minds something to protect against. This only fuels our ego to remind us that there is danger outside and that we must be careful and not open our heart to a world that could hurt us again. But open our hearts we must. It is the only way to be whole. It is the only way to reclaim our broken parts. We reclaim them not because they are not hurt but because those hurt places are our greatest and most vulnerable self. They are often the purest light that we came to give and because of the damage of others inside, often those “others” do not feel worthy of such a precious and great gift. Then out of unconsciousness they hurt us and cannot see that beauty and light that was inside us. Once those very delicate parts are damaged, they distort and fragment. And that pure love goes from “unconditional” love to “conditional” love. We need to be sure. We need proof that another loves us. We need to feel safe. But there is still a place inside that is that pure love. It remains forever as that spark of divinity that is the gift within each of us. Today, can you see that spark in others beyond their damage? Can you see that spark within your own being? Can you trust, not the world, not others, but that spark itself to just be that love and light regardless of circumstances. Down’s Syndrome children are for me the greatest obvious example of such love. Regardless of the dysfunction that others observe in them they cannot help but be that pure love and light for the world. It is effortless and pure. It is forgiving and kind. It is innocent and whole.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon attempts to continue to deepen your experience of love and comfort. Simple things are revealed as being the most valuable. Let the morning dreams allow an opening of those protected parts within to find a place to just be an express the beauty and light you hold.

At 4:33 am the Moon moves into Gemini. Making it time to open your mind and allow for you to see beyond your projections of the past. Look at your life with the eyes of a new and refreshed self. Let yourself become more interactive and adaptable than you expected. Many people may feel that there is a growing edge and tension moving towards you. The Gemini Moon squaring Mars is the culprit at this time. Don’t overthink. Just feel. Saying too much creates more problems than it is worth. Remember, some cannot go as deep as you and have no time or patience for things that they cannot or will not relate to.

Mercury is going to semi square Pluto, making worry the focus. Try to not give it more power over you than is necessary. Vesta (an asteroid) comes into alignment and that suggests an increased ability to focus on those things that need your attention. Do what is necessary. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. You can get a lot done if you move with the flow.

Besides, fighting the flow right now is a hopeless endeavor anyway.
~Suzanne Wagner~


You never fail when you try to love.
Even when someone says, “It’s not good enough.”
Those that reject the purest light.
Are caught in their own darkest night.
You cannot see in others what you cannot see within yourself.
Lost in the suffering of your mind, love gets put on the shelf.
Love can be broken, and hearts can get torn.
But love is eternal and can be reborn.
It hurts to love to that deepest place.
But it is what gives life that eternal grace.
~Suzanne Wagner~







Never be a puppet of hate. It never gets you to where you want to be. In actuality, it allows you to dig a very deep hole that you must eventually figure out how to climb out of. Notice what others keep calling you out for. Notice the patterns that continually repeat. Notice that there are no accidents or coincidences. Notice when others call you to go deeper inside than you are perhaps comfortable in going. Notice where you are not fully present. Notice the mirrors in your life that will not go away.
Those patterns are attempting to show you something. Patterns create suffering to get you to own that which you refuse to see within yourself. Sometimes those patterns present to get you to love parts of yourself from your past. Sometimes those patterns present to show you your own hidden prejudices. Sometimes those patterns are the next step for you to expand love into. Regardless, doing nothing and not engaging those patterns from the place of love, acceptance, and compassion is not the way. Situations will continue to repeat until you have found the lesson you need to work through. If things keep repeating, then you are not done. It is as simple as that. Then you need to open your mind and heart (regardless of what the ego says) and engage the pattern in a different way. Change in your behavior, choices, and actions is what is always required in such situations. Being right is never going to give you the connection, compassion, and love that you really want.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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