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Numerology/Astrology for 2/11/19


2/11/19 is the number 7. You were born with a map engraved on your DNA. If you never fully awaken, that map will guide you through to the lessons that you agreed to learn. But when you awaken, even a little bit, that map has the potential to quicken and shift. Awareness is everything. Recognizing the lessons as they approach gives you choice. Then you are not at the whim of fate but you are at choice and an active participant in your own growth and development. Then the lessons do not lessen but the actually speed up. That is because your guides and angels feel that now you are paying attention and because of that you are actively choosing rather than resisting the flows of karma. Each choice leads you to the next choices. But when you are awake, you have the ability and capacity to speed up those lessons and hopefully step through the patterns of karmic suffering and into conscious clarity. Then the rest of this life is filled with only expansion, acceptance, and trust in yourself and the magic that allows this dimension to be such a magnificent place of learning.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


As there are not any major aspects today in the astrology, we are going to focus on the fact that the Moon is in the peace-loving, comforting sign of Taurus.

As it harmonizes with Venus in Capricorn you will find it easier to express what you want and need. There is a desire to stay home, read a book, and drink coco. Indulging in the small pleasures of human existence is enough to be at peace and to feel into the bliss of being alive.

As we continue to move in the direction of the approaching Mars-Uranus conjunction, you may feel a growing restlessness to make changes in your normal routine. Perhaps you need to re-arrange a closet or organize things better. Something is building up and whenever that happens structure is often helpful to alleviate the sensations of stress and fear that want to crop up. Besides, the more you are prepared the more wiggle room you might have when the next hit comes.
As we continue at the last degree of Uranus in Aries, know that firsts and lasts in astrology tend to magnify. It is almost like the universe is asking, “Did you get that lesson? Are you sure you got that lesson?” Things might feel super charged and you may feel that volatility just below the surface, aching to explode out for one final moment. Resist emotional impulses to the best of your ability.
~Suzanne Wagner~


We live in a time
humanity is on an edge.
Edges are good because
it means you are
no longer playing it safe.
That means your ego
and mind are no
longer in control.
You spread your wings
to fly with your fate.
You embrace the unknown.
You choose the danger
over the safety.
You find your aliveness
when fear is replaced
by choice.
~Suzanne Wagner~







Where do you feel at home?
Where are you relaxed, content and safe?
That place is where you heart can live and thrive.
Never put yourself in a place where you feel you need to defend yourself, your choices, and who you are for long.
Such situations take a little from you each time.
Surround yourself with understanding and trust.
Surround yourself with those that challenge you but from a place of love and wanting the best for you.
Remove those in your life that have no peace in their heart.
Do not tolerate those in your life that feed on chaos and speak in words of perpetual suffering.
Life is precious and for some of us may be shorter than expected.
You really have no time for those that are unwilling to help themselves.
That does not mean that you ignore those caught in the karmic suffering of ages past.
Speak the truth, with kindness and compassion.
Give them a tool that they can work with to help dig themselves out of their own grave.
But then, it is often wiser to walk away and allow them to find the courage to change.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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