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Numerology/Astrology for 2/10/19

2/10/19 is the number 6. This is a number of reconciliation. It is the place where each of us must eventually take responsibility for our decisions and see where we have allowed fear to cloud our judgement, choices and options. Honesty is the doorway to awareness. Empathy is the doorway to compassion. Balance is the doorway to grace. We live in a world where it is easy to get compulsively attached to money, power, influence, and information. But there is never, ever just one side to any story. We are facing crisis after crisis in the world right now and no matter what side you are on, change needs to happen. We cannot keep going on this way as it creates stalemates and ineffective actions. The right way is always forward. The wrong way is always backward. We do not live an existence in reverse. Nostalgia is suffocating the life out of progress and the essential changes that are available and that can happen. So today, how can you support forward progress? What can you do to let go of wishing for something from your past that will never come? It is time to stand tall, face the storm, and walk into the future that is wildly unknown. This does not have to be scary. It can be exciting. And besides, other countries are doing wonderful cutting-edge technologies to help this world. While we used to be the leader, seems now we are only following in the footsteps of others greatness. Perhaps, that should give an element of comfort. Because when something is tried and true, there should be less of this ridiculous paralyzing fear that seems to haunt those less educated and those more afraid.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

You might have noticed that your dreams are highly active. Early Sunday morning, mental Mercury will enter psychic Pisces. It will be there through mid-April due to the Mercury retrograde cycle. This extra time will give you an opportunity open to a higher vision and enhance your intuitive abilities. It wants to burst old illusions and places where you are still holding fantasy as truth. It attempts to get you to a higher spiritual awareness.

The Moon goes into hard-working Taurus Sunday evening through Tuesday, so make tangible gains through focusing on your goals and moving steadily towards them. It is also a more sensual time. Enjoy and indulge a bit.

Mercury will also form a semi-square to Saturn, which can challenge conversations and choices today. Focus on fixing problems rather than complain about them.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The American Dream is wasting away.
Fear and hate have led the way.
I know there are those that stand for truth.
I believe in our strong and competent youth.
Passions that hurt and harm are bad.
Passions that help and heal now are still sad.
We did not need to get to this place.
There were so many moments to choose grace.
The clock is ticking, and time is being lost.
Our world is facing a Holocaust.
If you sit and whine away
Without standing up and doing today.
You contribute to the enormous pain.
Of countless beings going down the drain.
Stand and say what needs to be said.
Loud and strong until you behead
The demon taking our freedoms away
The leaders that are taking us to doomsday.
~Suzanne Wagner~







My husband has been a solar engineer for over 30 years. He saw the potential when the scientist at NASA came to California bringing his invention of solar panels for the satellites in space. When people say this “green” technology is taking America away from our roots, they are completely and totally wrong. The governments and gas companies have manipulated the laws, attitudes and ideals of so many to keep their toxic product called gasoline, on the market for much longer that it ever needed to be. Instead of embracing this new product called Solar Energy, they flooded the market with the same old combustion engines that were outdated in the 1970’s. Solar Power and Green Energy were an American creation that has been stomped down in all ways possible and yet it still stands and exists. It is time to embrace the American Dream which was Green Energy a long time ago. There is so much work that is possible if you embrace the new and allow those new ideas to flow and go with the old ideas. If we had been allowed to use both and transition easily from one to the other, our world would be in a very different place. Long ago, that NASA scientist brought his idea to California because he recognized the openness and those people who were attempting to be in alignment with the earth. While solar panels started for space, it was California that brought this amazing idea into the world for a greater and wider use for mankind. I thank all those solar engineer pioneers that worked with and in conjunction with all the other great ideas such as; wind energy, hydro, etc. For over 30 years they have quietly been breaking this world out of delusion around energy and showing us all another way. And those ways that are NOT new will save this world if we allow them.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Some History on Solar

In 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric current when exposed to light. Over the next 100 years, there were other discoveries and inventions, including several discoveries by Albert Einstein, who received a Nobel Prize for his theories on the photovoltaic effect in 1921. In the 1950s, Bell Labs produce solar cells for space activities. In 1953, Gerald Pearson begins research into lithium-silicon photovoltaic cells. On April 25, 1954, Bell Labs announces the invention of the first practical silicon solar cell. In 1955, Western Electric began to sell commercial licenses for silicon photovoltaic technologies. In the mid 1050’s Architect Frank Bridgers designed the world’s first commercial office building using solar water heating and passive design. This solar system has been continuously operating since that time. The Bridgers-Paxton Building, is now in the National Historic Register as the world’s first solar heated office building. In 19956, William Cherry, U.S. Signal Corps Laboratories, approaches RCA Labs’, Paul Rappaport and Joseph Loferski about developing photovoltaic cells for proposed orbiting Earth satellites. In 1957 Hoffman Electronics achieved 8% efficient photovoltaic cells. In 1958, Vanguard I Space satellite used a small array to power its radios. Later that same year, Explorer III, Vanguard II and Sputnick 3 were launched with PV-powered systems on board. It became the accepted energy source for space applications and remains so today. In 1959 Hoffman Electronics achieves a $10%efficient, commercially available photovoltaic cells. Hoffman also learns to use a grid contact, reducing the series resistance problem. In 1960, Hoffman Electronics achieves a 14% efficient photovoltaic cell. In 1960 Silicon Sensors, Inc of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, is founded and starts producing selenium and silicon photovoltaic cells. In 1963, Sharp Corporation succeeds in producing practical silicon photovoltaic modules. In 1963, Japan installs a 242-watt, photovoltaic array on a lighthouse. This was the world’s largest array at the time. In the 1970’s, Dr. Elliot Berman, with the help from Exxon Corporation, designs a significantly less costly solar cell, bringing the price down from $100 a watt to $20 a watt. From there solar cells begin to power navigation warning lights and horns on many offshore gas and oil rigs, lighthouses, railroad crossings, and domestic solar applications began to be viewed as sensible applications in remote locations where connection to the electrical grid could not be successfully implemented or exist affordably.

The world’s first modern solar panel still works after 60 years. Kyocera has reported several solar power installations that continue to operate reliably and generate electricity even though they are nearly 30 years old.


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