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Numerology/Astrology for 1/8/19

1/8/19 is the number 3. With the number 3, it is a time to be more optimistic and find ways to be socially inclusive and connected. Today, look at what is your dream for this world. My dream is a world where compassion and kindness are taught in schools and children that have trouble with that are given meditative tools that allow them to love themselves because only then, can they learn to love the quirks, differences, and failings of others. Life’s ups and downs are tests to see how you handle the twists and turns of outrageous fortune.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Tuesday early morning brings mental challenges. People can be distracted and out of sorts so don’t force your ideas on others and don’t drive too fast. Do not assume that people see you coming out into the intersection.

Mercury squares Mars exactly this morning. You may feel rushed and in a hurry. This creates tensions boiling close to the surface. Others and yourself might be quick to jump into an argument and make conclusions that are not really appropriate. Do your best to not rush or respond abruptly. Words and actions can be used as weapons and cause more problems than solutions. Many are competing for attention and to be noticed. It may feel as if your pain is more important than the pain of others. Healthy dialogue is going to be difficult. Keep your own counsel. Keep your mouth more shut but eyes wide open.

What ever is hidden is going to come out into the open. Be ready to be surprised.

The Moon is still in Aquarius and while it wants you to be more detached and impartial, that may not be possible. No matter what, be fair, kind, and honest. Stay open to new ways of seeing things and remember that unique ways to approach present problems is going to begin to become a part of the normal reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I would like to see you living in better conditions.”


Fear not Death, as he walks by your side.
Death is a friend that cannot be denied.
He comes not in anger. He comes not in fear.
He is always behind you and always near.
Anything can happen, and you can be gone.
This human container is as fragile, as it is strong.
You are only here for a short time.
Remember, every moment is your prime.
When it is your time, Death knows the way.
He follows the light back to the doorway.
Home was never here in this time.
Home is where the light always shines.
Be always kind and be compassionate flow.
Because Death is behind you, and you never know.
You never know when it will be your time.
Some can be planned and others more sublime
Death can be fast. Death can be slow.
Death may be coming, so learn to let go.
Surrender is a skill and a choice to know.
If it is your time, do your best to follow the rainbow.
You are the colors of the Sun.
Your soul continues once this life is undone.
Fear not the change, it is glorious to behold.
Another time and place to uncover and unfold.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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