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Numerology/Astrology for 1/8/18
1/8/18 is the number 2. You live in a number 2 world. That is the world of duality, right/wrong, good/bad, male/female. This is where you decided to learn how to stretch and grow. Resisting the truth of this duality is ridiculous. It is a part of everything, sexuality, attraction, money, compassion, etc. It is the Yin and the Yang that has created this beautiful world. In the highest vibration, the number 2 seeks to end separateness and to unify everything into one for the greater good of all. You see different things and pay attention to different things than another person. That does not make you right and them wrong? Each of you is gifted with a particular strength and weakness (again the duality) because that is where you wanted to expand your awareness. All the most beautiful things in life are because of the contrast of one thing next to another. The mountain looks more majestic reflected off the lake. The pained glance is more poignant when the woman is in a beautiful sari. The depth of a canyon is more magnificent when you are looking down from the highest point. It is in the contrast that we can truly see the wonder of this world when you take the time to not judge but witness. Compare but do not criticize. Seek to understand but do not try to impose your positions on others. Don’t worry. Those that do not agree with you will simply leave or choose to not respond. We can only understand to the level of awareness that we have personally experienced. Right now, many people have been afraid of depth. That lack of understanding of how to navigate truth when one thing appears one way but is actually the opposite means that they have not yet taken off the mask of ego that is hiding their true self. Once that mask is off they will see behind the illusions presented in the world. Until then, you must go on your way, as you cannot take a person to a place that they are too afraid to choose.

Venus, the Sun, and Pluto are heading to an alignment, exact very early tomorrow but in influence today. The Sun and Venus sextile Jupiter and Mars sextiles Pluto today, and this can be a time when talents are discovered, brought to life or put to good use. You have the ability to both attract and pursue what or who you want in a more healthy and balanced manner. This gives you for the moment a highly successful outcome if you put your mind and heart into it. Your standards are high and your goals are even higher. There is a lot of work to do from a more ambitious and strong intention. The world is asking you to pour a lot of yourself (energy, passion, or resources) into those things that mean the most to you. Growth in your relationships is essential to creating an environment where cooperation is highly valued and listening even more so. Notice if your pride is heavily invested in your desire for everyone in the world to come together. The intensity of the tearing apart of civilizations and civility is never healthy and in the end costs everyone everything. Today is a doorway towards those feelings and relationships can lead to a shift that can help you take constructive action. You may be more sociable, tolerant, and generous than you expected. This is a beautiful time for marketing, promotion, publishing, and advertising activities. You are particularly good with money, and your business sense is excellent. Economics seems to make more sense and yet you are hyper aware of what you need to do and what not to do for maximum benefit. It is time to gain more control of your life, but the driving force is more about growth and change now. This marks a turning point for relationships and businesses. The Moon is in Libra all day and the Last Quarter Moon occurs at 5:26 PM EST, and you see things from a more mature or experienced perspective.
~Suzanne Wagner~



You have to die a few times
before you can really live.
~Charles Bukowski~





I love this quote because in that short statement is the crux of the problem in the world right now. So many egos just refuse to die and grow into the next evolution of their consciousness. I look at all those teachers, writers, and spiritual wisdom keepers and what I see is a person who has repeatedly gone through fire, storm, death, rebirth, and transformation. Those are the people that I respect and hold in a place of prominence to be looked up to. I allow them to be a sort of beacon of a possibility and a reminder of the personal potential within myself. Humanity mistakes wealth and power with some sort of higher potential of the soul. But that is not the case. I guarantee it. I have dealt with so many who had the money, fame, and power but got there through no work of their own, inherited it, or bullied and stole from those with less to make themselves have more. These are not people to emulate or admire. We have at this time a society that praises money as the end all but it is not. The end all is consciousness. I believe it was Richard Gere who said, “At a certain point you have enough money. At that moment, all there is left to do is spiritual work.” We are standing at a pivotal moment in time. A moment of massive ego death. It will not be pretty. But it will be spectacular. I brace for the impact of that moment and hope for the best for all.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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