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Numerology/Astrology for 1/7/19


1/7/19 is the number 11/2. You feel the conflicts inside that have not yet healed. You know that you want to be the highest reflection of who you are. And yet, you are plagued with your own duality. You feel the sheer humanness that is inside that is still wounded and hurt. You have worked to let it go and while you have made progress, you have had triggers show up again that indicate that you are still in conflict. While it is disheartening, it is also the only way you come out of denial and discover the truth of your own experience.
Life is designed to hurt. Life is designed for pleasure and joy. Life is designed to be a multi-dimensional experience in feeling. And that means all feelings not just the ones that give you joy. But the ones that you need to experience to find a balance within. Negative things happen to remind us of past life injuries that have yet to heal. We get bumped around in the duality in order for us to notice what is true. It takes great energy to manifest illusions that hide the truth. And it is a waste of precious life energy.
While it is hard to admit the truth of our own hurts and experience. It is also critical to come to terms with knowing who you really are in this life and who the soul is that is inhabiting this body.
Bringing the two together is a great joy and causes an expansion of energy when the resistance to truth dissolves under the power of a soul’s desire to awaken.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


On Monday, The Moon ends its cycle this round in Capricorn early in the morning while you are asleep and goes into Aquarius. Aquarius is a rebellious, impartial, progressive Moon that wants to create the connections that are necessary to initiate creative interactions with others.

The love & money planet Venus goes into adventurous Sagittarius until early February 3rd. This adds to the feeling that it is time to take a risk on yourself to manifest your needs and desires. There are complexities that need to be embraced. To do that you have to be direct and crystal clear. There is pleasure in seeking the higher meaning in your actions. Always going for what you want will never really fulfill you. You have to learn to reach beyond the self into the place where you connect with the greater good and what is needed for this world. When you are sincere in your seeking, you become optimistic, inspired, and your heart’s intention guides the path of your life. Such a life is always one that is fulfilling. This is a time to be careful with money but to be strong in your enthusiasm. Let your spirit soar on the wings of truth. Let your heart be the map for a good and kind life. Let your truth be the energy that gives you the pass into a more conscious and awakened self.

There is a Mercury-Mars square today. Don’t let it make you impatient or hasty. You could find yourself in disagreement with others. Communications seem ineffective and impatient. Use this intense energy to light a fire inside you to move past some problem areas in your life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.
~Rabindranath Tagore~


We are overwrought with conceptual thought. As long as we continue to live within the limited framework of our own mental concepts (which we project onto everything we perceive), we will continue to suffer from the egoic repercussions that come with believing in a false, imagined reality.
And so, it can be said, we are lost within a non-existent dream world of our own creation. One must awaken to the truth that is beyond mind, that is beyond the separately perceived individual self, that is the universal harmony found only within our own inner stillness.
~Zen Thinking~


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