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Buenaventura Durruti

Numerology/Astrology for 1/6/19

1/6/19 is the number 10. Change has to happen. Stagnation, stuckness, and lack will move people to take things into their own hands. Be ready for plans to get curtailed and changed. It is the way it goes. The changes after such blockages are going to be dramatic. It is just how the flow happens. Power plays are going to push and pull everyone’s patience. Power can move constructively on a personal level and that is where I would focus. That might mean that some federal employees might start looking for other part time jobs to help supplement their finances. It is a moment when you take your own personal power back. Do not allow yourself to be abused by those in power. You have the power. You just need to use it for yourself rather than expect respect from those who do not care about you but only care about getting what they want.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Freedom-loving, rebellious Uranus ends his retrograde cycle on Sunday (It has been going on since August 2018). Although you may not see it in the outer world, it definitely gives you the feeling that you are ready for something fresh. As Uranus shifts tensions become heightened and heavy. Your unique self is ready to take risks and stir the fires for change. You have to listen to your heart. You have to learn to love and depend on your neighbors. Kindness, understanding, and compassion creates understanding and opens the possibilities. Uranus is in the last degrees of Aries. Firsts and lasts always are dramatic. Especially with outer signs in fiery signs. Know that the tensions will continue to increase as we get to March 6th. Get ready. Life is going to get a bit messy as this shut down continues.

Hopefully you set your intentions for the year on the eclipse day, yesterday.

The Moon is still in the conservative, practical, methodical sign of Capricorn and it puts you in a strong position to consider your long-term goals and responsibilities.

The Sun is parallel Saturn, reinforcing a responsible and serious tone. This will add to the upset and the tension that is happening in the world especially with the federal shutdown. I do expect solid rebellion to happen shortly. Some people think they can play a game with others’ lives and that is not how the world works. All actions have consequences. Some people are still learning that.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“No government fights fascism to destroy it. When
the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its
hands, it brings up fascism to hold on to their

“There are only two roads, victory for
the working class, freedom, or
victory for the fascists which means
tyranny. Both combatants know
what’s in store for the loser.”
~Buenaventura Durruti~


I learned at a young age as a dancer in Berlin that you cannot be passive in the face of tyranny. I had gotten a job at Ballet West in Utah. In Europe you have to give a year’s notice to leave a company. I had been there 4 years and had many wonderful opportunities to dance leading positions with great dancers that were much better than I from Russia, Europe, and the world. I never had the illusion that I was a prima ballerina as I was surrounded by the greatest ballerinas of that time, such as Galina Panov and Eva Evdokimova. They were so unbelievably talented, I learned to watch in wonder and aspire to their level of technical skill and prowess. But I was smart enough to know what I could and could not do. I knew that I needed to be coached by someone who could mold me into a better dancer.
So, I wanted to move back to the US and dance. When I gave my notice, a power game ensued. I was naïve and innocent enough to not know the “real” game. I thought that if I was professional, kind, silent, and did not stir the pot that they would honor the paperwork and release me from the contract.
But they played me. They played my kindness. They played my naïveté. And I was caught in the trap and was being used as a pawn to those in power that wanted me to stay and make me miserable.
They “black listed” me for Europe. Meaning that I could not work in Europe. Then they tried to do the same in America and ruin my contract with Ballet West.
I had done everything according to proper channels and all the correct legal issues, but they knew how to play the loopholes and force me to pay exorbitant fees to lawyers and make my life a living hell for the last year I was in Berlin. They took me out of every ballet until injuries from other dancers forced them to use me. Then I was doing everything because they needed me.
I kept believing that if I was nice and kind, they would see that, appreciate me, know my heart, and be kind in return.
That is where I was being young and stupid.
You have to learn to fight. You have to learn to stand up for yourself.
You do not need to be cruel. But you do have to learn to play the game. You have to know you are being played. And then be clever enough to play them. And that is how I managed to get through it all.
It is simple. You have to recognize that out there in the world there is evil. There are those out there to whom power is all important. That getting what they want and not losing face is everything. They do not care about anyone but themselves and how they look in the end.
You can wake up and recognize that you are a pawn in their chess game. You can turn the tables on situations. But some choices have to be done with cleverness and clarity. You have to wake up to the fact that you know who you are, and you choose to stand up for your life, your way, and in a way that serves others because you support truth and honesty.
You have to be willing to risk everything for your freedom. Many of us have forgotten the lessons of our ancestors. How much they were willing to risk.
I fortunately learned that lesson at 21.
Many in our world have not yet learned that lesson.
That is how fascism takes over.
Those with power that know the weaknesses of the masses. They play on those fears, needs, and desires. Once you recognize that you have been played, what are you going to do?
Your choices from that moment of awareness, define who you are going to become.
You can be a wolf or a sheep.
You can follow others or you can find your own path. You can stand up or you can be put in a cage.
Some cages are locked because of your own perspective.
Your mind can ensnare your senses and your life.
Some cages are manipulated by others in power.
You hold the keys to your own cage. Never … ever give up your power to another person. Humanity is human. They make mistakes. They do not see past their own desire at times.
Nor can you.
Egos catch us up, as did mine.
My ego wanted to look like and nice, kind, and good person. My ego did not want to do something that would challenge how I saw myself or how others saw me.
The stress of that choice before I shifted was so intense it created me getting pneumonia 3 times and almost dying. That is what happens when you go against your own truth, your own core, your own knowing, and refuse to believe what is right in front of you. I remember something someone said to me that helped.
He said, “Suzanne, just remember that when you think everyone is a good person, just remember that you don’t know everyone!”
Just because you have a perception about a person, and are attached to that perception, does not mean that it is accurate.
Only you hold the power to your awakening. Only you can make the choices to see beyond your own experiences. Only you can really free yourself and open the door to that cage.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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