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Numerology/Astrology for 1/4/19

1/4/19 is the number 8. There is power in feeling deep emotions all the way through. Know that there is much fear in the world, and many are dealing with the energy that comes from being in a darkest times of the year (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere). Seasonal Depression Disorder is very real and can impact the way you connect with others. Feel into the release that this day is offering up to you. Holding toxic, heavy, emotion inside is never healthy. Releasing it in ways that support the compassionate heart to expand is. Everyone has things in life that they have hung onto for too long. Use the energy of today to let go of that which no longer serves who you want to become. You cannot grow if you will not let go.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues to inspire adventure as it moves through Sagittarius until just past lunchtime, at which point it moves into Capricorn. This inspires more of an industrious mindset and you know that you need to get going in the world. I find that this is a good sign for the new Congress. There is an additional impulse to get it done and to get moving on things that are very important.

The realness of Capricorn with the Pluto and Saturn sitting there is anything but complacent. The Universe and the Cosmos is literally hitting all of us in the head. Perhaps it takes that for us to change and get out of our egos long enough to do what is obviously right in front of us.

So much is in Capricorn. Mercury too, enters Capricorn and while the Moon is only there a few days, Mercury is staying until the 24th of January. Communication is not going to lolly-gag around any more. It is going to be direct, real, cold, and forceful. Just like that cold wind hitting your face to wake you up.

Conversations are very raw and real. The focus is on business and the practical side of life. Order and logic rule the day and while getting organized is at the top of the pile, it is also important to sort out what is relevant and essential. Precision and a no-nonsense approach is more important than it has been in a long time. It is important to not be so rigid in our thinking and believe that our way is the only way. Movement comes with a flexible mind. There has been enough dogmatic expression to last all of us a lifetime. But change has to come from a clarity and a certainty that this is the way forward.

We are preparing for a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn tomorrow and it is building up a type of tension that has a type of intensity. The good news is that the Sun-Neptune sextile is a calming influence and that hopefully will help in the emotional expression. Things are coming to light and that also means that things have to be discussed. Keep your center, stay open to what is and know that compromise is always the way through. It softens the rough edges and makes you take things as they come rather than make a meaning up about what you believe is happening. Remember, the stories you tell yourself are not going to necessarily be true. Others do not do things to piss you off. They are doing what they need to do to find the pathway to the challenges they are presently in. Do not assign meaning to things that are outside of your control. That is a waste of energy and time.

Your imagination is stimulated and sets new things in motion. You must learn to respect your intuition equally to your cognitive mind. But today, attempt to relax rather than push. Your “hunches” will put you in the right place at the right time if you are “dialed” in correctly.

Be charitable and use your energy to lift others up. Instincts matter and your first perception of others is often more correct than you know. There is beauty in our differences. Learn to appreciate what another offers and allow those gifts fully in.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Where there is Ruin,
There is hope for a treasure.




Tomorrow the Sun decides to kiss the Moon.
A wonder to behold as two
very different energies learn to connect.
They forever dance around each other,
pulling and pushing, feeling and flowing.
Connected, yet not, they touch rarely
in a moment of wonder and magic.
We are the observers of this moment of truth.
A place where light and darkness connect.
It is in the darkness that you find the clarity you seek.
This is the place where knowledge comes and wisdom lingers.
That push and pull is in your soul.
Life is not happening to you.
Life is responding to you.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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