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Numerology/Astrology for 12/7/17
12/7/17 is the number 2. Yes, the negativity of the number 2 is trying to take over your psyche. Do not let it. Learn to observe and stay informed but also learn what is yours and what is not yours to take on. In life, there are moments when some things are just not your karmic duty to engage in. Some things are there for others to learn and you unfortunately have to witness their struggles and mistakes in order for them to learn. But you can unknowingly take that karma on if you leap into the fray. It is like a fight right now in the world. You have to pick your fights and know what karmic obligations are showing up for you to learn and work with. But not all situations are your karma unless you choose to make them so. There are many moments that we accidently take on the karma of others to help them, direct them, and show them another way. But often that is a waste of energy. Especially if you are attached to an outcome. Trust me, each of us have more than enough karma to work on in this lifetime. You don’t need to take on more than you can handle. If you are feeling too stressed out and overwhelmed, perhaps take a look to see if you stepped into someone’s karmic mud puddle! And find a way to see your karmic responsibility and step out of what is not yours to do. I learned a long time ago (the hard way) that you cannot save anyone from themselves or their karmic suffering. Each of those lessons is needed to be learned on an individual level. Doing your life and getting yourself through the door is very important for the greater whole. When you have more clarity and discernment in your own life you have a better chance to lead others through theirs, but not by doing it for them but by being the beacon of hope that they can follow.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The Goddess is showing the world that there are limits.
The land is screaming for humanity to wake up.
The animals in pain feel unheard and lost in the greed of mankind.
What will it take for the change to happen?
What will you have to do to not allow this abuse to continue?

~Suzanne Wagner~




Praying for all those in Southern California that are in the way of the fires there. I personally know 3 that have lost everything. It is so sad. Sending out love and healing to those brave souls and the land.
I think today, I want to look at the culture that the feminine has for enabling the masculine sexual misconduct. Even now in the face of so many brave women coming out and telling the truth, there is a culture of the feminine that wants to not believe the women. What is that about? Now I know that people do lie, men and women. But it is important for us as women to believe those women who come out and face the furious onslaught of energy that hits them when they tell the truth of sexual misconduct of men. I believe it comes from a long line of Christian, Puritanical beliefs that it is all Eve’s fault in the Garden of Eden with the apple. It is as if women believe that we are at fault in some crazy belief and that we continue to put ourself and other women in that prison of opinion. It is time to recognize that we as women need to support each other. But clearly, we have a long way to go. I have tried again and again in my own way to empower women and there are always those women whose goal (it seems) is to literally throw other women under the bus, invalidate them or their experience, and make everything the women’s fault. I remember that as a child my mother told me that it was my responsibility to keep men (in a dating situation) under control because men just did not have any self-control when it came to sexuality and that the drive of passion will override all logic in a man. Now, if that is actually the belief then men will act that way. If we do not teach men to grow up and learn to act appropriately around women, they will never learn. I remember being in a series of relationships workshops and there was an older man that had some terrible creepy behaviors that were triggering all the women in the group. The triggers were so strong that women could not even be sane in their response to this man and labeled him as some sort of deviant. But I felt into the heart of this man and recognized that he was just clueless. And that no woman had taken the time to help him or explain things to him. So, I decided to work with him. When he would do something off, I would calmly but strongly tell him to not do that and why. He was stunned. No woman ever told him that this behavior that he thought would be attractive was actually very creepy. He recognized that I had taken him on as my “pet project” and was very grateful. Ladies it is time to tell the truth and stop treating men like children. If you want a man that is constantly a child and that never grows up to take responsibility in the “real” world then keep doing what you are doing. Otherwise learn to tell the truth, directly, calmly, and without judgment. Give men a chance to figure out what might work. Give them feedback so they can grow. I personally believe if you treat a man like a God he becomes a God. Men don’t want to disappoint. Especially when they love you. But feedback in a way that a man understands also takes skill and time for a woman to learn. And in that process, please stop putting other women down for telling the truth. Please listen to women when they are attempting to open and don’t perpetuate the shut down and shut up mechanism that this culture has created. And please stop competing with other women and throwing them under the bus. Especially when they are trying to do something good in the world. Remember, Karma is a Bitch. Do your best to not be one and do not be a messenger for hate.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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