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Numerology/Astrology for 12/5/19

12/5/19 is the number 11.  Overview cannot come without discernment. This number moves from the number 2 and the desire of the mind to understand into the eventual integrative overview that is the evolution of mind beyond logic into the expansive quality of higher mind (the number 11). It is the attachment of the mind’s desire to find an answer and be right that is the sticking point that gets so many trapped and stuck in self-righteousness. You have a mind to learn how to notice differences in things and to compare them to past experiences. That helps you stay safe, especially in places of danger. But the mind alone is never enough to feel fulfilled in understanding the bigger answers. The mind is great for the small, non-important things that influence our lives. But the higher mind is what everyone is seeking. The problem is that most stop looking when they feel they have the information that they believe validates their suspicions, prejudices, or biases. And that is the problem right now in society and why there is so much polarization happening. Staying on such a level will only get you in trouble and caught in a place where you are defending your position. When you hold a position from the perspective of higher mind there is no need to defend in the face of those that desire arguments in order to feel powerful and special. When you are a wolf, you know that you cannot play with mice without them getting hurt. So you leave the mice to their own small and narrow world. Words have no meaning to those who do not actually understand their proper use and true meaning.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon leaves Pisces mid-afternoon and goes into Aries. So the first part of the day is all about finding the compassion and spirituality that is necessary in a civil society. But the movement into Aries is all about initiating a fresh start, finding the energy to move ahead, and the inner force to protect and call out things that need help. I expect to see some frustrated and impatient people on the roads and in the stores. Give them space and let them move ahead. While feeling the energy of a sprinter is interesting, it is the long distance runners that actually get to where they are going with less stress and manage to enjoy the view at the same time.

Chiron forms a square to Jupiter, making missteps highly likely and making you inflate a position into an expectation or demand. This will be exact in 3 days and it is asking you to look at your opinions as if they are windows into your wounding. Understanding comes when you recognize that you need what you believe. Then ask the question, “Why do you need that so desperately. Excessive force or opinion on something is a clear indication of your own damage from the past. But it cannot heal by you continuing to polarize the situation by demanding. Understanding has no demand.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Understanding has no demand.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Words have no meaning
to those who do not actually
understand their proper use
and true meaning.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I understand your position.
I feel your need to be right.
I know that your need indicates
the presence of a wound.
And the manner
that you defend it
is the indication of
a deep seated fear.
I am not here
to save you
from the dragon
of your own creation.
I am not here to destroy that dragon.
I wait at the gate until that dragon
decides to befriend that which
it believes challenges its defenses.
But I do not challenge them.
I allow your boundary to define you.
I just do not believe that it actually does.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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