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Numerology/Astrology for 12/3/19

12/3/19 is the number 9. You have the time and quiet to reflect on the past week. That is good because there are many things that have shifted and that shift is actually very positive. But knowing what has shifted gives you the ability to see past the patterns of dysfunction and move yourself in a conscious way to a more compassionate place. There is always more going on with others and with ourselves than we can process in one moment. That is why moments of contemplation and reflection are so important and overall positive. You have to see past the obvious to have the magic of life overtake you. The magic is always there but our minds do not see past the tasks and activities that it finds important and essential. Seek the magic by dropping into stillness. Seek that which is just beyond your awareness. That is how you grow and how you become complete.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

As the astrology allows for the continued exploration of all things that have been hidden, this week you get more mental support because of a sextile between Mercury and Pluto. It allows for the focus and penetration into the causes of some repetitive things in your life is you are willing to look and dive deep into the complex karmic patterns of Pluto. Perhaps there has been someone or some behavior that has been undermining your progress. The things we hide from ourselves are the things that we have often chosen to not notice. The reasoning can be vast and varied but it always comes down to the story that we have decided to tell ourselves so that we can cope and move forward. Often we make ourselves the hero in our story when perhaps we are not. There are huge leaps of consciousness and karmic growth when you admit to what you have lied to yourself about. When you refuse to address what is real over the story you need to tell yourself about something, then those situations will continue to haunt your reality and loop. That is intentionally by the universe so you can notice that something continues to happen and at a certain point you can no longer lie to yourself or others about it. It is impossible for me to be around those who have such huge lies within their psyche. It is painful to me physically to be in the space with others who continue to do harm to themselves and those they love from a place of unconscious habit and fear of being wrong. Just ask the question, “Is the same thing happening again and again?” If that is the case, the only consistent connection is you. So take a look at how you are contributing to that pattern. Only then can you unravel the places that you are allowing such a pattern to continue.

The Moon goes deep into the emotionally complex and questioning sign of Pisces. Compassion and spiritual understanding is more the focus. It is a good day to be alone and reflect on the past holiday week and activities. Use this pause to contemplate the bigger issues in your life.

The Moon sextile Jupiter. You feel optimistic and attractive. Projects get going and there seems to be a feeling of social and material success.

Venus sextiles Mars in Scorpio giving passion to your performances. Art is a focus and things that inspire you pop into your reality.

The Moon trines Mars. You have the willpower, courage, and spirit to go for your dream.

The Moon sextiles Venus in Capricorn. There is a development along the lines of relationships. Fighting about anything is frivolous and a waste of time. Value others. They are worth it.

The Mars-Pluto quintile gives you the power to challenge yourself in some new ways. ~Suzanne Wagner~



Sometimes the smallest thing
you carry is the heaviest.
That small memory that
was never resolved.
The conversation that
was never finished.
The love that was never
fully expressed.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I was never a country but an ideal.
A wish born out of the hate and separation in this world.
A hope of the potential for mankind, in the dying breath of a slave.
A longing for freedom by a warrior fighting against tyranny.
A place sought after by the starving child in the streets.
A desire for a place to find peace and acceptance.
I am the potential that compassion can win.
I am the belief that there can be enough for all.
I am the call of freedom that inspires all living things.
For a time, I had a name.
And that name was America.
For almost 300 years, I was the standard that guided the hearts and minds of humanity forward into a place of progressive abundance that had never been seen.
But as with all things, those ideals are torn down by the greedy, heartless, power-hungry, and ignorant.
There will always be those that want to stand on the backs of the poor so they can become rich.
There will always be those whose envy intends to cause others suffering.
So now, I seek a new name.
But I will never go away.
I am that which is an essential part of universal law.
Human law can never, nor will it ever, stop me.
Seek me in the places within that know acceptance and compassion are the way.
Only when enough people feel me inside their soul as a driving part of truth and consciousness, will I emerge again into the physical world.
Until then, I will wait, watch, and wonder at the part of human nature that chooses such a path at this time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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