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Suzanne as Karma Goddess

Numerology/Astrology for 12/26/19

12/26/19 is the number 5. There is a moment when all the energy roots into the ground. You have to keep both feet on the ground today. There will be a lot of energy and activity happening. And things will be off and running. Take care of yourself. People are going to be a bit distracted. Watch out for those not paying attention while driving. Many are in unfamiliar places and easily lost. Give them some space and keep your patience. No, honking. Startled people do unexpected things.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn. What is lovely about this aspect is that it does make you feel more abundance and ambitious. Two emotional planets are in the practical and determined sign of Capricorn. There can be some new simple ideas that crop up and entice you forward. Trust those instincts. They might just make you some money.

While some say the eclipse was yesterday and some say it is today (it all depends on where you live and the time zone you are in), to me you feel eclipses before and after regardless. Therefore we are still in the eclipse zone. You have a doorway to manifest a fresh approach to your career, social standing, and structure. Order and discipline are required. Set practical and attainable goals and make sure you follow through with the commitments. Your dreams have a dose of realism.

With so much energy in Capricorn, the focus is on knowing your limitations and focusing on what matters. Where do you want to go? This energy can get you there.

You feel hopeful and hungry for meaning to your life and this world. The intentions are on priorities and practicalities.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Last I checked, Karma was preparing.

She was manifesting the future in an

interesting way to get our attention.

But she always makes me nervous

when she has a drink in front of her

and she is sharpening her nails at

the same time as that preparation.

It is the look in her eyes that will

make you wonder what she is up to.

A distant look that sees the future

unfolding with a hint of a smile.

I know her well. And that is not good.

~Suzanne Wagner~





I often think about being a Fixed Fire Sign (Leo) and how fixed signs have more trouble going with what is because we are designed to be the instigators and the activators (Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius). I have learned that things always work out, though often, not in the way we thought or expected. I have learned that controlling things that are way beyond my ability or any one person’s ability  is not just impossible but ludicrous. I have learned that we can change the world but we have to first change ourselves. It is us changing that alters our perceptions of this world and help us see past the concepts of “pushing” and “making” something happen. Once we are in the flow with the universe, then … what seemed impossible becomes obvious and often simple. I have learned that acceptance to the truth in each moment is the doorway to higher levels of awareness. I have learned that I cannot trust my mind, what I think or what I believe. The truth lies in being fully present to each moment and discovering something deeper that lives and breathes this world into existence. And then knowing and understanding how each of us is a small part in that life force flowing towards greater consciousness. I understand that this world is one living, breathing being and that we are not separate from all the things happening here. When one thing breaks down then there is a cascade of consequences that unfolds. Karma is part of the immune system within this world that must correct what has fallen out of alignment with the unified force that is the creative essence of earth. At times I am the tool of that karma and at others I am corrected by those reminding me that I am out of the flow with the natural order of this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. Janell Wald 3 months ago

    I wanted to know if you do readings for people my mom and I was looking for someone who does .

    • Author
      Suzanne Wagner 3 months ago

      Yes, I do. You can go to my online scheduler and make an appointment for her at, or click on the online store tab and make her a gift certificate and the system will send it to her. She will need to call me (the number is on the gift certificate) to make the appointment. Or you can call me at 707 354-1019 and I can make the appointment for you. I look forward to speaking to her. Thank you for the request.

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