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Numerology/Astrology for 12/22/18

12/22/18 is the number 9. We are in the season of faith and the remembrance of the larger spiritual laws that are supposed to govern our world. The number 9 is about knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is about knowing when to hold your ground and say, “No”. It is when you recognize that your sensitivity and deep feelings are telling you clearly what is right for you. This number attempts to dissolve ego attachments. It calls you to face the challenges to discover your own wisdom and step beyond the mental chattering of the left brain. The card associated with this number is the Hermit. And this card says that the answers you seek are inside you not outside in the world. Only when you accept completely who you are and forgive yourself can you move from a place of selflessness and courage. This is the number of benevolent hearts and altruistic actions. Give where you can. Learn to relax and do not let the energy of the season make you tense and stressed. Move from what benefits others. That keeps you in the spirit of the season.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Full Moon comes on the heels of Winter Solstice, the following day. Communications planet Mercury and “let’s go big” Jupiter are aligned in gung-ho Sagittarius. In some ways you might feel ready to take on the world. You might feel as if there is too much to do right now but if you great could take some time to start some lists of New Year’s Resolutions that would be great. With this optimistic combination let yourself reach higher than normal. There are some challenges to fantasy-oriented Neptune. So just expect some of your ideas to be your illusions a bit out of control. But you never know. Some might actually manifest. Only time will tell which ones are aligned with your greater purpose. This Full Moon makes you look at beginnings and endings in your life. Cancer wants security and nurturing. Capricorn wants to be responsible yet have healthy boundaries. Look at the emotional responsibilities that you need to carry through. The game is going to be balance between your private life and the need for nurturing with your public life, career, reputation, and accountability. This Moon sets the tone for the coming year. Take some time to look at what is nurturing for you. If it does not spark your soul, let it go.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Man is not, by nature, deserving of
all that he wants. When we think
that we are automatically entitled to
something, that is when we start
walking all over others to get it.”
~Criss Jami~



I have watched a particular phenomenon over the many years growing from primarily the younger generation around entitlement. I noticed it growing and now with our present leader, it has emboldened those with narcissistic tendencies even more.
When I was doing the Wild Women Symposium, I was amazed how very few people would pay the full price for a ticket. Everyone believed they deserved a discount or a scholarship. In the process I did give over 15 scholarships out and even when I did that less than half showed up to take them and some did not stay the full two and a half days. It was clear that somehow something had happened in the world that I did not fully understand.

This sense that “I should get anything I want for free and not pay for it”, I believe is partially manifested from the Internet marketing patterns of getting people to put in their email and you get a “free” thing.
These days, there are many free things on YouTube and the different social media sites out there. While I love them also, it somehow makes the values of others work seem to become diminished in the eyes of those that just believe they should have whatever they want for free and you should be more than happy to give it to them, just because.

I too give many things away to support those in need. I have done it for 40 years based on my inner knowing that this person needs a discounted reading or a free reading. Every time I do that, the person literally falls into my arms, collapses, crying and saying that they were using the very last money they had to attempt to get help or insight from me. They end up becoming lifelong clients. And I feel great about helping in those moments.

But I am not talking about that. I am talking about those, like yesterday, at the psychic fair that I do monthly at a greatly discounted price in my home town. A young man came up to me and asked what I did. I told him and he said that he wanted a reading. I told him the price, at which point he exclaimed, “Well, I am not going to spend my money on that.” At which point, I said okay and went back to reading my book.
Then he sat down and said that I needed to show him that I could do something, and I had to convince him that I had the skill. At which point, I said, “No, I don’t. I have been doing this my whole life and I am a published author of multiple books and a teacher for 40 years of the metaphysical arts. I don’t need to do anything for you. If you do not value what I offer, then there is no need to continue the conversation. I don’t need to convince you of my value. I know my value. It is you that does not know your own value.”
He then continued to attempt to get a free something from me. I told him that he could go to my website and there was a ton of daily stuff there if that is what he wanted.
It is the audacity that amazes me. I learned a long time ago, if you wanted to hang out with famous, powerful, interesting people, you had to offer something in return. I had great things to offer but I did buy dinner for many amazing people so I could hang out with them and learn from their stories and life experiences. But I recognized how many attempted even then to get into the “circle” without showing any respect for the time, effort, and energy someone takes to be to the level of where they are.

I think respect is not taught properly anymore. Teachers are not respected by students. Parents are not respected by children. Our societies rules are no longer respected and honored. There are those narcissistic people that want to twist and distort great rules of law that have held a country and a world together for centuries and tear down the greatness for their own personal and financial gain.

That is why you have to learn to say, “NO!” Just like I did.
If I don’t respect and honor myself and the wisdom I carry, then why should anyone else? It is a question that needs answers and it is time for some massive cultural changes or we will continue to see what was once great, slip away into the pockets of those who value nothing but themselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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