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Numerology/Astrology for 12/2/19

12/2/19 is the number 8. Holidays can bring up old patterns and wounds. If they are up it is time to heal and let it all go. We cannot change the past but we can let it go and allow ourselves to see past our old limited perceptions and perspectives. Growth always comes from letting go and allowing the natural explosion of expansion to overtake the control patterns of the mind.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The moon is still in friendly Aquarius today. Put some effort into social activities and help a friend or serve a larger cause.  Jupiter ends his year-long run through Sagittarius on the 2nd, and we begin Jupiter’s next cycle in Capricorn for the next 12 plus months. This can make things feel more cautious than they have been and expansion is carefully considered. We are in a time of conservative risk-taking for the next year with Saturn and Pluto also in Capricorn. Don’t be stingy. And know that you may uses a lot of energy and self-assertion to move through this next phase. Rely on  yourself  because everyone is going to need to stand on their own in various ways. Expect some belt tightening. Monetary caution is required for the next few years.

The Moon squares Mercury still. Making all decisions more serious than expected. Do not exaggerate under this aspect. It will bite you in the butt later. It may be difficult to predict all the various options that are going to come into your screen.

With Mercury sextile Pluto, you have a new way of driving yourself forward and you show up as eloquent and diplomatic.

We continue to expand our belief systems to a more inclusive way of looking at life.  Venus and Mars are attempting to get along. So this is an excellent moment for sharing in partnerships.

Venus aligns with the South Node today and you may fall back into past behaviors and indulgences that keep you in avoidance of what  you are truly feeling.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Growth always comes from

letting go and allowing

the natural explosion

of expansion to overtake

the control patterns of the mind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


On November 30th. I flew from Portland to Sacramento and then I was to drive to Utah for work. But the Pineapple Express was hitting and Tahoe was going to be a snow nightmare. So I went the long way around. Down I 5 to Bakersfield, over to Barstow, up I 15 to St George where I stayed in a hotel.
It was a terrible drive because you do not realize how many people are on the planet until they are all on the road together. It was bumper to bumper traffic the whole way. Once I got on I15 heading north, from Barstow, the southern lane was practically stopped as everyone was leaving Vegas to go back to Southern California. I must have passed a million people just on that road from Barstow to Vegas.
It was insane. It makes you realize that humanity really is a plague that is terrorizing the rest of life on this planet. I have dealt with heavy traffic many times in my life but nothing like this. 12 hours non-stop bumper to bumper traffic.
Humanity needs to realize what we are causing and decide to be responsible and do something about it. The old patterns of the past beliefs need to radically alter.
We cannot keep doing what we are doing.
We are failing in all ways that really matter in this world.
It is clear to me that we are going to become the cause of our own extinction.
I know there is another way to be and another way to be the stewards of this world. I call on all that have the will and power to make other choices to awaken and help begin this monumental shift in consciousness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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