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Numerology/Astrology for 12/14/18

12/14/18 is the number 10. There is power in individuality. But there is more power when you earn the trust of others. Together we can manifest greatest for not just ourselves but our world also. But in the United States we value the power of the individual over the power of the larger community of humanity. That is often a failure of our mind. The mind and ego tell us that to be important means that we have to do it yourself and to stand alone. While discovering who you are is extremely important in the larger scheme of things, it is what we learn to do together that has impact that moves beyond us, beyond time, and into history. Those that have the ability to inspire the movement of a group or people to act in ways that support life always stand out when you look at history. Sometimes the names of those who did such things are lost to time. Those names you would probably not recognize, but what they helped to create often changed the standard of life for many in the world. Just think of the engineers in Rome that created the aqueducts. Those aqueducts brought water and supplied a country, giving a standard of bathing, clean water, and a way to take away the sights and smells of big cities. You may not remember their names, but they changed a world forever.
Do not worry about being famous. Only care about giving your best self to others.
Do not feed your ego. There are enough “I’s” in the world.
Feed your dreams and your creativity. Therein lies the power.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon still in Pisces emotions are still feeling a bit overwhelming. Idealism wants to reach you out of the despair and hopelessness of the past few years. Use this energy to awaken you to new levels of sensitivity and compassion.

The alignment with Neptune with the Moon will magnify the Piscean qualities to intuitive knowing. Use them wisely. Never use gifts with the intention of malice or of getting what you want. Use them to give to others what they really need in this moment.

Later in the day, the Moon will also align with Mars and it may compel some to react rather than to think and then act. Remember the difference between reality and fantasy. Remember that playing out all your emotional needs in the external world will not give you want you really need to feel loved, healed, and supported. Experiences that do not give you what you want are often the greatest gift overall. Disappoint creates determination and character. If everything was easy you would be a very boring person with no interesting stories to tell.

The Uranus-Neptune semi-square (which is exact tomorrow) brings more restlessness and self-doubt. There are moments when seeking the meaning will not be fruitful. This is one of those moments. You have to trust the inspiration to come when and only when you are completely ready.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When you are humble,
you recognize that your talent
was partially given to you by the divine
and partially earned through
your determination and effort.
When you are grateful,
you recognize that fame
is what is given to you by those
who want to emulate you
and hold you up as an example.
When you are conscious and aware,
you recognize that conceit is self-given,
by those who are deeply insecure
and who lack the discipline to work
towards something that holds value
and authenticity.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I feel right now that all of us are archeologists digging through the dust and dirt, the paint and the perfume of our present history and past attempting to discover where we lost our moral compass and where we lost the thread of truth.
There are those that are painstakingly, on hands and knees, consciously seeking to get to the root of the cause of our present dysfunction and cultural dilemma.

The answer can be found, not in the recent history, but in the extended history of self-deception that has allowed each of us to become complacent in calling out the lies of those that cannot handle the truth.
Each of us have at times become enablers to those who could not cope with the reality.
We have allowed those that seemed to not have the strength of disposition and character to continue their world of self-deception. We allowed them to feel okay with themselves and comfortable with the illusionary bubble world that they created to allow themselves to continue to function.
When someone refuses to be in this reality, their need to distort the truth can often be traced back to the genetic contributions of their ancestors.
Now, please do not misunderstand.
I believe that each of us does this in different areas. We protect the memories of things that are so horrific that we need to make up a story that we can live with.

But there is a great failure in not recognizing the mistakes of our ancestors.
We cannot possibly learn from them if we cannot look at them honestly.

It is not about blame, it is about understanding the mechanisms that the mind employs to make us comfortable with our mistakes. And understanding how those patterns are handed down and become folklore that define this family lineage.
But what happens if that lineage is a story that is not true?
And it happens again and again. And it happens with everyone over and over?
When that happens, you have a communal delusion that becomes a part of your cultural identity. That identity holds with it a set of values and ideals that are also not founded or grounded in anything real. And that is what continues to proliferate. The lies grow because the truth is too painful to look at. The bigger the lie the more painful the truth when it is revealed.
On so many levels we are false people perpetuating an illusion of a false identity and history.
That is why awakening is so difficult.
Because in looking deeply at yourself, those illusions peel away and you are left with the raw, vulnerable truth, that you are not more special than any other person because of where you were born, who your parents were or weren’t, what culture you came from, or what your spiritual beliefs are, etc.
You are special because you have been given the greatest gift of a human life.
And that gift requires you to give back.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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