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Numerology for 1/21/18

1/21/18 is the number 6. Take some time today to give your spiritual side some energy and time. Know that you can no longer expect the external to reflect to you the values that you hold most dear. You have to become the full embodiment and expression of what you cherish and find has the highest value that defines your life and personal gifts. No one can really show us who we are. They can only lead us to the doorways, but we must be willing to walk through. This year there are going to be many such doors. Take this moment to gather up your courage and know that you will choose to walk through all doors and past all obstacles to get to your goals. When you know that regardless of how something looks that you will do what it takes to get there, then you learn to trust your deepest self and you know that the external can never define you. You understand that the projection of another on to you has usually nothing to do with you but everything to do with where they are still blind and attempting to grow.
As some of the planets begin to move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius know that some of that stability that has helped make you feel more grounded is going to shift. Life will become a bit less constant and less practical. Aquarius is a sign of idealism, dreams, and the power and potential of your imagination. Now, you will not experience a total flight of fancy because there is still enough Capricorn happening to choke a horse but some ballast in that boat is needed in these stormy waters of life right now. Mars is all about ambition and drive and Jupiter is all about expansion. Their conjunction is allowing a shift of plans and projects. As they are moving through Scorpio the themes of sex and power are going to become clearly visible. Let’s just say the revelations have not yet fully become expressed or seen. As we are headed towards some eclipses at the end of the month, that means that we are feeling the impact of some of them now. So, expect intense reactions and a sobering mood as emotions rise up to be expressed. Use your desire to find balance to be what sustains you through this moment. Meditation is no longer just helpful, but essential to find the equilibrium you are seeking. The Moon is in dreamy Pisces all day, and you are tuning into your compassionate heart and your intuitive knowing. The Moon aligns with Chiron and connects pleasantly with Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars, opening up many opportunities and possibilities for understanding and cooperation. Optimistic spiritual energy can be brought into your life. Choose to connect to a higher purpose and that will help you find and enjoy a feeling of well-being. This is a time of opening your heart and mind so you can allow your more compassionate nature to be freely expressed. You have the resources. You just need to take the time to tap into them. Today is about problem solving and learning new things, teaching and sharing, and creating order.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I don’t believe that there is anything
you have done that was really wrong.
I believe that you are following
a sacred map to uncover your true essence.
All those “wrong turns” were exactly
where you needed to go
to retrieve your lost selves.
All those broken hearts were needed
to break down your ego
so you could actually find wholeness.
Those friendships that meant so much,
were your spiritual family,
they just needed to also do their own karma.
They could not walk the total path with you.
They agreed to give you their gifts
and when you meet again,
you will pick up like you never left.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What defines life and consciousness? I believe that you cannot have life without some level of consciousness. A plant is alive and is aware of its surroundings and responds in a conscious way if fire is placed close to it. Birds are aware and remember and are conscious of the aspects of their world that are most important. I believe that all things that are alive and have consciousness deserve respect and a bit of awe. Each life is attuned to a particular frequency and focus that defines its life and its priorities. One is not better than another. All the frequencies are needed to allow a soul’s progression in this world journey. You do not just “get” a human life. You have to evolve through many sequences and patterns to be allowed and gifted with this most precious evolution of conscious awareness. Now is the moment…. So what defines your life? This moment could be a pinnacle choice point. What will you do? Will you collapse and go numb or will you take the awareness you have a stand up for this world and all of life?

~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe that American’s will not allow the Republican Party to hold its citizens hostage to its dysfunctional whims and policies. I believe that American’s are fighters and will fight back against being put in a position where we are asked to choose between saving the DACA Dreamers or the CHIP Children’s Programs when we live in the most prosperous country in the world and a maniac at the wheel wants to spend Billions on Games of War over taking care of its own people. I believe there is a moment when you cannot bend over backwards anymore. Nor can you turn the other cheek. It is clear that the Republican Party is out to destroy America as we have known it and that they have no regard or compassion towards the people that have put them in office. Such people are monsters and as such must be treated as such. You cannot apply the rules of humanity to those who have none. You cannot expect them to respond to reason and logic when they are living in a distorted illusion of religiosity and control. I know that this country will not go backwards no matter how much “supposed” control this group believe they have. American’s have always been fighters and have always attempted to do what is right. Yes, there have been bad moments such as this one where the darkness that lurks in the hearts of men rise up and control their conscience and they do not way to see past their prejudices. But there are always those that came here believing in the freedom and the words in our Constitution. And I do not believe that those words of our founding fathers will let us down. I believe that those words will save us. But you cannot be complacent. You must stand for something. You must shine your light into the darkness and stand up to the evil hearts that threaten everything you have ever believed in. If you don’t ….. I don’t believe you will be able to look yourself in the mirror with any sense of pride. I don’t believe you will make progress is your soul’s evolution. I don’t believe that you will gain the respect of your family and loved ones. And I do believe you will carry that mark with you forever. This is a defining moment in each of our lives. Your choice can set you back lifetimes or it can set you free into a place of expanded consciousness and a deeper empathy and compassion.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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