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Numerology/Astrology for 11/9/18


11/9/18 is the number 4. This number 4 asks the question, “When will balance come back?” The answer is not for a while. Therefore, you cannot expect the external to reflect your natural internal equilibrium. It is completely up to you. The illusions are constantly being shattered and so you have to deal with the horrific reality that confronts you daily. Humanities worst self is on full display and yet somehow you have to find a way to be centered for your own sanity. Such moments stretch us to reach beyond comfort and embrace the inner conflicts and pain that have not been fully acknowledged and dealt with. Avoidance never works, and balance is never found that way. Embracing all aspects of your life and allowing the truth of the full emotional expression though is the way to find peace. You cannot find peace when you deny what is true. You cannot find peace when you hide behind power and use power as a shield for righteousness. You cannot find peace if you let the distortions and beliefs of others define your choices and existence.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Wake up early on Thursday to watch the Meteor Showers happening and to welcome Jupiter (going home) into Sagittarius for the next year. Jupiter helps you expand your belief system to open to your dreams and goals. If you are a Sagittarius this is a great moment for you. Opportunities abound, and you are being protected by having an archangel in your back pocket. If you take a risk on yourself, Jupiter will help. If you go the wrong way Jupiter will save you from yourself. And the God of travel is ready for the next adventure.

The Moon also moves into Sagittarius mid-morning through dinnertime Saturday. That makes for an optimistic and generous end of the week. It helps support friendly connections with the Venus-Mars trine and gives you a feeling that you can accomplish anything.

The Venus Trine Mars makes you feel as if your timing is finally a bit better and there is a more natural flow to this day.

But Venus is still retrograde for another week and so you may not understand what you want and need, though there is a bit of progress that is detectable. Let the inspiration take you forward. You may not know where you are going but you have a better momentary balance between the give and the take.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Nothing is more powerful than
an individual acting out their
Conscience, thus helping bring
the collective conscience to life.
~Norman Cousins~



We are watching the journey of hate
From the place of fear it continues to berate.
It saddens me to see so many that see themselves as good
They condone distortions of boys that never made it to adulthood.
What you support, that is what you are.
You cannot separate your shadow from their bizarre.
Justification is about protecting the lie.
There is no way your soul can pass that by.
It matters not to me your choice.
You must learn what happens when you use your voice.
My conscience is clear, and my heart is aligned.
I know that karma follows the unkind.
We are at the beginning of change.
You can tell because there is so much strange.
The toxicity that has been held for way too long
From those that felt like they didn’t belong,
Now flows outward in a putrid haze,
Confusing minds and feeding the craze.
I sit and watch the darkness unleashed
from the souls alive and the beliefs of the deceased.
And I know that this is what it will take,
The backs of those that hate must break.
It is not up to me, the universe is in charge.
Much must happen before this darkness can discharge.
There is protection when you are clear.
There is always light when there is no fear.
You cannot make choices from reaction and hate.
Such choices only guide you to your fate.
I sit in love watching the painful dance.
And understand those whose egos need to prance.
It is quite a show to watch unfold.
We are the watchers that cannot be controlled.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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