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Numerology/Astrology for 1/18/20

1/18/20 is the number 5. If you add the 1 +1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14.  1 + 4 = 5. What is real? What is real to me are those connections that you know span time and space. What is real to me are those precious moments that are shared in depth that forever changes you. While the physical is an amazing gift in this domain, it is only temporary and transitional. Nothing stays the same. All things change. While our soul response to that change is always connected to growth in some way, the game is to try, try again, and try something else. There is no wrong way. There is just the way you are choosing at this time. Lessons will always spring forth from the fertile ground of choice.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Deep emotions are stirred up today with a private Scorpio Moon. Feelings that you had hidden or suppressed are on the surface and allowing you to tell the truth of that deep sensibility that has been right there all along. Know that your mental abilities can be off now. Take your time and be careful because you are not as focused as you would want. Drama seems to be everywhere. There is an endless slew of things needing your attention. It seems there is not enough time or energy to get them all done. There will seem to be no break in the areas that pull you. Know that you are learning about having care and attention in all things. You are learning to expand into more areas and keep your consciousness in alignment. Yes, it is challenging and difficult at times. You may never remember a time when so much concentration is demanded of you just to work through your day. All conversations seem important and nothing can be pushed aside. You have no choice but to tackle problems as they arise. Be intuitive. Be kind. Take the time. Others need you.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I wanted to include the wise words of the Astrologer Ralfee Finn also today.

“This week, the thing to keep in mind is that Saturn symbolizes pragmatic wisdom—wisdom born of experience—and Pluto symbolizes transformative wisdom—wisdom that accepts the inevitability of change. Think about how you hold those two streams of awareness. We are all being asked to create consilience—the unity of knowledge—through our combined recognition of not only of what needs to shift but also of what needs to be created so we can manage our planet with better skill. I know I don’t have to say it, but I am going to say it anyway: make compassion part of your co-creative vision. We are far more unified than we know, so let’s imagine living with unity as our ground of being.”
~Ralfee Finn~


I believe that souls go on.
I believe that who you are
continues to exist even
without a body.
I believe that you recognize
others by their vibration
and sound currents that they
make as they move through
time and space.
I believe that the energetic
resonances that we have
co-created together draw
us to each other naturally.
You can never lose those
you have loved and shared
deeply with.
Death is the expression
of an illusion in the physical
that your soul wished
to experience.
~Suzanne Wagner~





A dear friend of mine that has been actively on a spiritual path for over 35 years died yesterday. His brother found him seated comfortably and seemingly at peace. Always a good sign that his soul seemed ready. There are people in your life that you watch in amazement as to the growth and level of commitment they have in this life to clearing up karma and doing what it takes to find the path back to themselves. I have to say that the last few years, this gentleman seemed the happiest I have ever seen him. The most content and at peace. For over 15 years I had known that he had a heart problem but that never seemed to stop him nor slow him down. He remained as committed as ever and continued to help others in his unique way.

I find it interesting that just yesterday I put up a YouTube video and in that video I said how we are in a time that is perhaps a window where many people are leaving the planet. And I remarked (In a joking way) that perhaps they know something that we do not.  We are in a time of great transition. Take a look in your life at those that have made a huge difference in your life and have changed a great deal in their time alive. Appreciate the gifts and energetic flows that they offer. Know that spiritual family shows up in many forms, to test us, challenge what we believe, and show us the way through by their own examples. Teachers are all around you. Some are disguised. Some are obvious. I try to make it a game to notice them all even if they do not notice you.

This is an important time in life. Make it the deepest and most profound that you can. Awaken your eyes and open your heart. Make a choice to feel it all. Judge nothing. Love everything. And be kind to all things.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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