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Numerology/Astrology for 11/7/19

11/7/19 is the number 3. Life is a rush of intensity and drama at times. Such are the times that we are presently in. Learn to find that place where you enjoy the unfolding chaos and upsets as powerful moments where you get to define and refine the meaning of your life. I am finally at a point where I am not hungry for something. I am not striving to make my reality different than what it is. I am not needing to force a change. Because I am the change that I am seeking. Acceptance to what is, is a powerful place to stand and find what really matters to you. The Number 3 is all about finding what is positive in this moment. It is about discovering that what has happened in this life is completely perfect. There is no need to fix it or to go back to some past fantasy of possibility. In every moment is a perfect moment. In every moment is a place where this “now” is exactly what you need to learn to enjoy the miracle that is always happening all around you. Take the moments offered because they may not come back in this life the same way.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Well I hope your day yesterday was as wild and emotionally intense as mine was. I decided to take off for the coast and dive into the mist and fog of the Mendocino coast. Such a gift to be here on the beach. Grateful to my amazing husband whose idea it was. And the timing could not have been better. As the world continues to spin in its “out of control” way, I am grateful to the emotional depth that the Moon in Pisces is giving me personally and hopefully you as well. There is a doorway to look deeply into the eyes of the things that you have unresolved and to realize that those choices were the way they were supposed to be. And that you cannot change them. And going back is never possible. A Pisces Moon is the compassionate glance at who we were, what we needed back then, and the realization of the evolution that has taken place within your soul. Take time to really “be” with yourself today. Encourage yourself to stop, really look, and listen to the whispers of the guides leading your forward to a new fate.

All this intense observation and reflection is because of the many astrological aspects. One is that there is a square between the Moon and Jupiter. If you ignored obvious signals in your life, some missteps are not blowing them up into highly reactive issues. Your expectations have not been met and so now what? The answer is always forward. Go forward into this life.

While Venus semi-squares Mars today, making even more tension than yesterday and the day before, do your best to make a turn that manages to make things invigorating rather than competitive.

You are being asked to really look at your approaches, desires, and needs. Tensions in relationships are up, “Big Time”. Do not make any impulsive moves or purchases. You will regret it.

The Saturn-Sun sextile is building up to a pinnacle tomorrow around noon. Stay grounded, exercise common sense and balance your imagination with your practical self.

With the Moon in Pisces conjuncting Neptune also in Pisces, you may feel a bit of trouble and defiance. Deviate from the truth and you will regret it. Those that are highly sensitive will want to be left alone or meditate.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You are an idiot if you believe in those
whose agenda is power and greed.
You are a fool if you refuse allow in information
Over the drama of your opinions and prejudices.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I was made aware once again of my deep understanding of human nature.
I watch in this world of capitalism the places that we have been trained to get our needs met at all costs.
I watch the systems of marketing target those of weak mind and soul.
And hype them up to the point of creating bubbles where they believe in the quick fix of things to such a fantastic extent that they will pay any amount of money to do a variety of forms of spiritual bypassing rather than do the intense work that is necessary to make a lasting karmic shift.
It is not their fault.
They are being played by experts in the area of social manipulation.
They are being unfairly targeted to get them to lay out their credit card.
And it is those that have the least that are targeted the most.
Just notice where you want to have someone else do for you what you actually just need to do for yourself.
Notice those who live in absolutes and have no flexibility or willingness to do accommodation.
That is the first and sure sign that they are operating from a map that was taught to them by another.
I prefer to deal with people, not systems.
I prefer cooperation and co-creation with others.
I am not a formula to be worked.
I am the freedom that is possible.
Within each life is a moment when you step past the striving and decide that what you have created in this world is perfect for you in this moment and time.
And the lesson is to embrace this moment fully and allow from that fullness something new to be born and another path to open up.
I recognize that the past patterns are over and I have learned a lot from those patterns.
It is up to me to not go backwards into “getting” what I wanted but to go forward into something different.
Letting go is hard to do.
Life will test you again and again, to show you where you are still hooked, attached, longing, angry, or operating from some fantasy desire.
Thank you “life” for showing me again, where I had a few hooks still connected.
Thank you for reminding me that forward is the only way.
Backwards is a direction that is never possible.
Let the things you have done in your past stand the tests of time.
Let history decide the worthiness of them or not.
Great things are often ahead of their time and are not seen in the amazing light of clarity that they were given to the souls that perhaps could not quite grasp the depth and complexity.
It is not in my control whether you value my gifts or not.
It is only up to me to give those gifts freely and with wild abandon.
The power is in the acceptance of what is and that what is given is enough.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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