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Numerology/Astrology for 11/6/19

11/6/19 is the number 11. While it might feel as if the world is contracting all around you, do the opposite. Magic happens when you find a way to move against the energetic current that is happening. The only way to do that is by being fully willing and transparent. Spontaneous opening will allow you to move in a way that you find a current that will take you past the telepathic agreements happening in the world. You get to learn how to be a sheep or a wolf. Sheep need to follow the herd for safety. The cannot protect themselves well by themselves and so they need that camaraderie to survive. But a wolf lives in a world of independence and choice. While a pack is helpful it is also not necessary for survival. Being in a wolf mind means that you are responsible for being present in each and every moment. You are challenged to let go of a child’s mind and be in a mature adult mind. Illusions and fantasies of the child mind will not get you where you need to go. Hard word and effort will. Choice is the key. And knowing how to activate that choice in a moment essential for survival. Expansion is important in all things. You cannot really thrive if you are unwilling to risk the safety of the past for the potential of the future.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues in overly sensitive Pisces. Be kind to all those that are struggling. Do not put more on the backs of someone that already at their edge. It is an unkind thing to do.

The Moon in Pisces square Venus in Sagittarius. Today is an emotional roller coaster ride. One moment you are feeling something intensely and another you might have to risk it all. There may be tension in love relationships. Family upset are to be expected.

With the Sun deepening you in Scorpio, you are being asked to reach deep within to find the places of power that you have hidden from yourself until you were ready, willing, and able to go on the quest of self-discovery. If you are in the mood to reach past the old, there is something new for you to discover and claim as your own.

There is a Venus-Pluto semi-square today. Just know that hold back that part of you that is tempted to try to manipulate or control your circumstances. Unnecessary troubles can arise. Jealousy rears its head and you will notice where you are possessive about something. You have to decide is the strain of holding onto something is worth it. This moment might be that indication that you need to let it all go.

With the Mercury-Jupiter in a semi-sextile, you might feel unable to make clear decisions. Opinions are all over the place. Calm down. Take it slow. Speak clearly and notice if others are being shady. The truth will reveal itself. No matter what, stay positive. Do not let fear control your reality. Because if you do, the outcome may not be what you intended.

Face problems from a creative place. Stay open and do not allow your past choices to cloud the present situation. They are never the same or equal. See this moment for what it is. And make choices from there.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You cannot really thrive
if you are unwilling
to risk the safety
of the past, for the
potential of the future.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Those with fame fall from grace.
Those that hate will be outpaced.
That is because love is what is strong.
Love can make right, all the wrong.
Without the energy of projected fear
Hate will collapse and disappear.
I know that things are not what they seem.
We are being fed illusions and dreams.
But what is false is a house of cards.
Given to us by loads of blowhards.
They intend to make us confused.
That is how manipulators use and abuse.
I do not swallow their toxic food.
I have learned to be watchful and shrewd.
Will you hate and will you lie?
Or will you stand and defy?
I know that caring is the way.
Compassion is the only doorway.
Do you want to eternally get caught
In someone’s game that is all for naught?
Or do you want to find the way
For freeing your soul from some doomsday?
The way is clear the way is steep.
Because what you sew is what you reap.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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