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Numerology/Astrology for 1/15/20

1/15/20 is the number 11. If you add the 1 +1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.  Expansion or contraction are choices in life. I find that in all things I do a bit of both. Just like you have to exhale in order to fully inhale. All change requires you to take bigger breaths and to stretch past your comfort zones. It is a never ending process and not one that we can really control. You can try to hold your breath and stay in the old place with the old air but eventually your mental control will break and force you to take a breath. Nothing stays the same. All things change and have to adjust. No one is ever fond of such moments unless you have done them so often that they are expected and anticipated like an old friend coming back into your world. Embrace what is. Let go of what used to be. Know that all life requires you to adjust and find a way to do it gracefully.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon starts out in the picky sign of Virgo and you may want what you want but that does not mean that you will get it. Thank Goodness the Moon moves into Libra before lunchtime bringing some sanity back into the balance of the rigid mindset of the past two days. Frustration comes when you see what is really happening in the world. Where  you are not getting what you want is a doorway (once again) to surrender. The key is balance and moderation in all things. Do not allow others to bully you or require their approval for your actions. Though you must notice your intentions. And notice the underlying patterns that might fuel those thoughts. Remember that in Buddhism, you cannot trust your mind, nor what you think. The mind is a computer that is habituated to repeat patterns and find similarities even when they are not really there. See things for what they are, not what your past experiences dictated. Look at all things with fresh eyes. It is important to let go so we can learn to move on in life. It is a constant choice to liberate yourself from your patterns and old ways of relating. Let the differences swim through each moment and allow that to stand out rather than be in a game of repeat, repeat, repeat. Such an action leads to a very boring life.

Venus-Uranus intends to make you more comfortable and within that comfort often comes a new confidence that will lead you towards greater success.

Listen to that intuition, many small messages are overloading mental and emotional systems. Become awakened with a quick wit and a reasoned mind. Intend improvement and see what begins to transpire.

Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus will excite the senses and can ensnare you in conflicts. Allow such moments to deepen what you think you know and open you to other possibilities.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Each decision you make adds

to the creation of your future.

Each response in your life defines

how hard or easy that path becomes.

~Suzanne Wagner~





I think back with great fondness and a much deeper understanding around my encounters with my father. While he is now on among the living, what I see as one of his great gifts to his children was in allowing us to find our own way. I can see that many of my choices, seemed ludicrous to him from his eyes that knew so much of what was really happening in the world and the tremendous dangers that were too close to the surface during the Cold War with Russia. He knew that he has personally pointed weapons for NATO at Berlin and yet he allowed me to go and dance in Berlin. Now, he was not thrilled and attempted to talk me out of it but he could not tell me why because of his security status. And yet, in the end he relented. He had many concerns about my career as a dancer knowing that such a choice is almost always temporary and that I would have to change again. He feared that he could not afford to pay for me if I wanted to go back to school by the time I ended my dancer career. I can see now so much more than I could see at the time and I honor his ability to allow things to just be. He did not like them. He did not agree with my choices or actions. But he did realize that he needed to allow me to find my path. Everyone is the same. Each of you is on a path. That path was structured in order to help you gain more wisdom through experiences. The path is not the problem. Your reaction to the path, however, often is.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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