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Numerology/Astrology for 11/5/19

11/5/19 is the number 10. There are many types of power that one can cultivate and hold. It is important today to be mindful to the types you are co-creating and the intent through which they arise. After all, everything is about intent. And what continues to grow out of that intent will impact all those around you for a very long time. That is why the beginning of a process is so important. You are setting the stage for a much bigger thing to grow. And once that thing is given life, it is out of your control and you may not know which way it will go. That is why you set the purest intent possible at the beginning. Knowing (full well) that all things that have a life will eventually go their own way, make their own mistakes, and have to grow through those challenges. Do you notice the intent that drives you forward? Are you doing something for glory, fame, money, passion? Are you only thinking of yourself and what you can get out of a situation? If you are, then eventually that thing will fail. There has to be a deeper drive that is more life affirming and helpful to the world.
Rome lasted as long as it did because its greatest achievement was actually roads. When you have roads that (even now) still stand, then, you have left a mark that has helped millions of people. Such things make a memories for history and throughout time.
Think about what your actions construct or de-construct. See past your own desires and wants and think about what you can do that leaves a legacy of sorts for those that follow you. That makes a life worth something greater and that can possibly stand the test of time.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Late Monday evening into Tuesday, Mars is square Pluto. This is a rude planetary combination. Avoid forcing your ideas and beliefs on others. You would be wise to give angry people a wide berth. In this moment you can take action to transform your life and let something go, be it stuff, people or attitudes and behaviors. Themes are jealousy, destructiveness, impatience, and those that demand what they want right now.

The Moon remains in Aquarius until dinner time, at which it moves into the emotional sign of Pisces. This intensely personal position of the Moon makes the Mars square Pluto more volatile. So be extra careful in how you say things to others. People take the slightest slight very personally. Take the time to contemplate and meditate.

The Moon in Aquarius square Mercury in Scorpio asks you to carefully consider all decisions and weigh things seriously based on truth, not reaction. Things will keep changing around. As irritating as that is, stay calm.

The Moon is in Aquarius sextile Jupiter is attempting to keep you on track socially and materially. A positive attitude is essential right now. Do your best to be optimistic and artistic.

Hard times require hard work and the willingness to reorganize, renovate, and rebuild. Such moments make people driven, dedicated, committed, and sometimes obsessed. You have to watch out for those obsessed. They are usually the culprits that cause abuses of power and the intentional cultivation of fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Most of the time
fear keeps people
enslaved; mentally,
emotionally, and
~Suzanne Wagner~



When you give the people social systems that improve their life and give them the basics that they can count on, you have civilizations that stand the test of time. Without the people being happy, without offering safety to the people, without creating a government that supports the people, any and every civilization has fallen.
A country is only as good as their people. And those people need to believe in the ideals of that country. When they do, they are loyal, willing, and driven to support the ambitions of that country. When that intent of the country is to “do good works” and leave the world a better place, then those countrymen will be willing to die for contributing to such an effort.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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