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Astrology/Numerology for 1/14/18

1/14/18 is the number 8. This number is about “mind over matter”. That is because often in life situations are such that you might not be able to stop a circumstance from happening but you can just not “drink the Kool-Aid” either. We are in a time where there are so many atrocities that you can become despondent and collapse into the succubus energy that surrounds everything or you can hold tight to your beliefs and knowing. Dark times are experienced by all and it is not the situations that shape you but your choices and actions in the face of that darkness that do. So many, for a variety of reasons are becoming automatons. Moving through life situations in rotes of habit, not really feeling the true situation but attempting to cope or having fallen into the pit of continued karmic suffering. It is difficult to feel everything totally and completely through without numbing out and without collapsing into a place of such dark and deep despair that you believe you may never get out of it. This is and “8” day. A day of grieving. Let the grief out and let it move through. Holding onto it will only be a weight that has the potential to pull you deeper into the clutches of karmic suffering. Hiding it is even worse. The more layers of justification you put onto something, the more difficult it will be to get those layers eventually off. Do yourself and the world a favor, begin that loosening now with your willingness to feel what you feel, unencumbered by the minds avoidance patterns. At the bottom of the grief you will stare at your own shadow in the mirror. I know you don’t want to see this side of yourself but it is this side that has the key to the doorway out of the darkness and into freedom.
Expect the unexpected on Sunday morning when eccentric Uranus challenges your self-identity. Adjust to changes and don’t make a lot of promises before Sunday evening, and you will be fine. Following a square between Venus and Uranus yesterday, the Sun forms the same pattern, introducing shifts of energy into your day. Know that you are more inclined now to act on a whim, and the routines or plans could get disrupted. These energies help to stimulate the manifestation of a new approach. This transit offers you the ideas and the drive to do something different but you should save making any major decisions for a more stable moment. Irritations that seem to stem from others could be the reflection of your own inner uneasiness. You could be feeling dissatisfied if faced with old routines or limiting circumstances. You should guard against temperamental behavior and decision making. Later today, the Sun moves towards a sextile to Chiron, increasing your desire to learn and grow through your experiences. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius until 2:43 PM EST, after which the Moon moves through Capricorn.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Honesty is reached
through the doorway
of grief and loss.

~David Whyte~




Being given a human life is a form of a sacred contract. That contract is one that acknowledges that this soul has evolved to a place that it has the potential to support and protect all of life. Denial of that contract creates an energy that can and will pull you back out of the evolutionary position in which you find yourself and back down into the realms where you can still work out the lower vibrations and patterns that create suffering. If you believe that “you reap what you sow”, then if you are an active conscious killer (whether emotionally, spiritually, financially, or physically), you will be allowed to again experience the suffering that you imparted in this life to others. The step is simple, “Do no harm!” But if you cannot do that then you entomb yourself in experiencing what you have inflicted on others until you learn compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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