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Numerology/Astrology for 1/13/19

1/13/19 is the number 8. Because of this astrology combining with the emotionally intense and sad number 8, you might be grateful that this day is a day of rest! You are going to need it. You might wonder if your hormones are wildly fluctuating. You might know that the emotional strain over the last few months and the holidays is finally catching up with you. You might recognize that you are exhausted to a level that you now recognize you have been denying. Take this day as a day of rest. Do only what you want to do. And for sure, do something that is fun and energizing. You need a moment to either contemplate your next steps or to do only what you want to do. Your energy is low and you need a chance to reclaim yourself. A day of tender loving care is very much needed. Step away from your phone. Turn it off. Take time to walk on the beach or in nature. You cannot change the external world quickly right now. But you can change your reaction and responses to it. You must make yourself the priority.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sunday is a day to pay attention to the subtle energy going on. Jupiter is making a challenging 90-degree square to Neptune on the 13th, and it will be hanging around all the way to September. Jupiter is ready for an adventure and wants to open your belief system to a much larger view of the world. Neptune is a visionary, but often just doesn’t know what that vision is. Even if you do you often do not know how to bring it into the real world. What do you do? You have to let Jupiter expand you beyond your present belief systems. You have to know that what worked in the past may not work in this reality. What you perceived as you past vision of yourself has changed. While it is human nature to attempt to repeat what worked before, this is not going to work now. With the bright light of Jupiter shining and illuminating your ego, you will discover that your past pattern was designed to protect your wounded and vulnerable self that did not believe it had the power to make such a change. Now, is the moment that you see your choices based on ego that was attempting (unsuccessfully) to protect your core innocent self. Now it is time for that self to grow, mature, and evolve into that hidden potential that is so beautiful. But all growth requires risk. And that risk is to try things that you have been avoiding. You have a higher vision of yourself. Do not allow yourself to fall back into patterns that do not serve you any longer. It is time to get organized (Saturn), create a long-term plan (Capricorn), let go of your old identity (Pluto), discover your hidden abilities that you have not been using (Neptune in Pisces) and emerge out of that protective ego cocoon into that butterfly that you came to be.

The Moon will help you will all this new stuff because it is still in assertive and independent Aries. You know there are moments when you must stand alone and walk your own path rather than help others with theirs. This is going to be a continuing cycle until you become very comfortable with yourself.

Try to create some discipline and routines around all this newness and the things that you now need to do. You are shedding false beliefs. (such as you need someone else’s to help you.) You are being asked to step into some new expectations of yourself that are a part of your spiritual path. But these are very practical, realistic, and down to earth because of all the planetary focus in the winter signs. They will not feel as fun and floaty as before. And you might as well get used to them because that is how it is going to be for years to come.

It should finally be crystal clear that any evade and avoid tendencies are not going to be tolerated by your angels and guides at this moment. Notice the conversation that you keep having in your head around your present personal life and situation. There is no going back. Your inability to set proper boundaries are depending on others for your personal safety and well-being no longer works. What you need now, others cannot give you. You will have to give it to yourself. It is part of the cosmic plan right now to deal with you, without your normal distractions for taking care of others. It will be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to discover who you really are and what you really need and want to go forward.

You may notice that you feel disorganized and want to be extravagant instead of dealing with the challenges. Don’t do it. Deal with those piles of projects that you need to handle. You will feel restless and your normal routine is not fulfilling you at this moment the way it usually has. You may feel disillusioned and helpless. You are not. You have many great gifts. You just have to go exploring and discover where you put them. Often great gifts are hidden in those places you do not want to go.

You may feel because of the Jupiter/Neptune square that you feel very different. You might be struggling with your expectations from the past infiltrating the present situation. Comparison right now is not helpful. Let the past go. Let the future unfold and discover where you allowed the dreams of others to mislead you off your own path. Never compare your life to the lives of others. Each person is on their own path and each path has a set of challenges and expectations.

As you move forward, know that having agreements, is going to be very helpful to create safety and security in a very unstable world.

The stars are pulling everyone into a much more personal place. You may notice that to concentrate you need quiet and solitude. Circumstances are pulling everyone inward. Listen to your path and your soul. The paths of others are not necessarily for you.

Because Mercury aligns with Saturn in Capricorn this morning, your communications seem heavy, sad, intense, serious, worrisome, and grieving. It is hard to feel such moments. It can be overwhelming. As hard as it is, try to be still, keep your own counsel, and know that under all that emotion is the truth and that truth will give you the direction and new path.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Obstacles do not
block the path, they
are the path.
~Zen Proverb~






Opportunity does not knock.
It shows itself when you
step through your old self.
Your past is a bubble that limits
your view of what is possible.
Only by shattering that glass
can you discover what lies
waiting in the beyond.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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