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Numerology/Astrology for 1/12/20

1/12/20 is the number 8. If you add the 1 +1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 8.  I find the synchronicity always so interesting between the astrology and the numerology. Especially today with the conjunction between Saturn in Pluto. This is a day of days. The like of which have not come around for 800 plus years. Quite a moment when you think of it. Here we are at a critical turning point in history and today begins that massive shift in a multitude of ways that we will not fully understand for (potentially) years. It will be interesting to look back and reflect on what I assumed might happen and what will actually transpire. But astrology is one of those things that indicates significant moments and this is one today. Then with the numerology also reflecting a highly emotional day, one that brings out the sadness and grief. I know when both the numerology and astrology point to something big then you know something is about to happen. Most people that are in touch with their intuition, deepest self, and guides/angels have been feeling this coming on. And like I said in one of my predictions for this time, it is not one event but a sliding series of events that is cascading down and bringing us back into a better alignment with what is really important.  Take care of your heart today. Take care of those you love. Allow others to express what they are also feeling. it is important to be completely authentic. The world is at a turning point. And since we are on that world, we too must decide to make a turn also.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sunday is an interesting day. It begins with a highly talkative and restless Mercury that is aligning with Saturn and Pluto. You will need to get moving quickly. Dreams should be interesting? You might want to have a recorder by your bedside to record what happening. Saturn and Pluto align on Sunday and is only the first step in the triple near alignment in Capricorn that will be going on all year. It is time to let go of that which robs you of your power. It is time to step up into being your own authority figure. Issues of boundaries and your choices around responsibilities will be the lesson again and again this year. You may need to move on from some aspect of your life. Some of the people around you will not support this shift that is actually essential for your next level of growth. It does not matter what others think. You have to listen to your own heart and go with the flow of truth that is unfolding in your life.  This (all important) conjunction is a rare event and while sometimes in astrology you have more than one pass. This one hits in a giant concentrated dose just today. Whatever is the job, it will be done quickly. This is a moment of intense reorganization and self-discipline. Hard work is required to remodel and renovate what you want in life. This astrology is about some sort of breakdown and a need to start over and rebuild. That will require commitment. What needs to get done can take on the flavor of obsession. Abuse of power is heightened because of the level of fear that have moved past moderation and into extremes. To make the necessary changes you will have to get comfortable with your own vulnerability. For some that may show up as a ruthlessness at getting rid of the things that seem to be a problem and in your way. That may not be the best approach. You have a fear of losing something or potentially everything of value that used to define you. Use that level of fear to kick you through and motivate you past the blocks in your personal chart and into the true and raw feelings that have come to the surface. Pluto is trying to show you where your true power actually is. Real power is never connected to ego. Real power is about maintaining control in chaos.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Real power is never
connected to ego.
Real power is about
maintaining control
in chaos.
~Suzanne Wagner~





My mind rides like a swan on a tranquil lake.
The clouds blanket part of the sky
and the storm is in the distance.
My mind understands the cycles that exist.
There is nothing to do but become one
with the moment and allow things to just be.
There is a type of unique beauty before a storm.
A tension in the air mixed with an electric feel.
Each storm brings something of change with it.
Some storms tickle the parts of you that resist truth.
Some storms tear down all things you believed
were the most special and sacred.
Storms awaken you out of complacency.
You cannot control such forces of nature.
Storms show you the truth of
unashamed expressions of power.
Storms do not apologize for toppling your reality.
They never had the intention to make you comfortable.
They are here to teach you how to listen,
watch, learn, and choose.
They teach you that nothing is ever permanent
and that all things will need to be rebuilt.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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