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Numerology/Astrology for 11/2/18


11/2/18 is the number 6. Connection becomes the theme. Not with others but with the human part of yourself with the highest part of yourself. Finding how to keep those two in alignment is a difficult task but one that is essential for finding world peace. Our high self sees the interconnectedness with all things. Our high self understands that the human side of our nature struggles, has fears and responds often without first thinking things through. Which is why it is there. To counsel and give ideas, insights, and to bring in a voice of reason into unreasonable situations. When you have these two sides of our being in harmony there is a reconciliation of the soul. From that place of conscious alignment, it is effortless to take responsibility for our choices because our choices are not made in haste or from a reactive mind. It is easy to be cheerful and happy even in this world in which we find ourselves now. Because external circumstances do not influence our decisions. We know what is right and good to do. We know how to be graceful in the chaos and we become a person whose center brings compromise and tolerance to all situations. When you are whole, you have something to give others that is nurturing and helpful. When you are not whole you contribute to the problem rather than help find a solution. Today, find your solid base. Step into the inner place of certainty. From there life is witness not from a fear-based mind but a unified inclusive one.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon moves into Virgo just past midnight. The Virgo Moon asks you to get honest and particular about your choices and options. Seeing the flaws is not a problem because none of us are perfect. We are all down here doing karma. But this Moon can make those flaws more obvious and obnoxious. Do your best to not stress out about it. We cannot grow if we cannot define what the underlying problems really are. Only being honest with ourselves can open a more authentic conversation that can make traction in this slippery reality.

Stay as calm as possible as the Moon squares Mercury. Triggers abound.

The Moon forms a sextile to Scorpio Sun this evening. This allows more cooperation and understanding which is definitely needed.

Venus and Neptune have a minor challenge today giving moments of uncertainty with what you are feeling, your affections, and attachments. Know that wishful thinking on unrealistic things is a sign of a frozen youthful aspect that got damaged and was not allowed to naturally mature into a more objective mindset. Always be kind to yourself and seek out those places within that are still developing and give them what they need to evolve into wholeness.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Everything around us, including—
and in particular the internet and social media—
is now being used to erode trust in our institutions,
interfere in our elections, and wreak havoc
on our infrastructure. It hands advertisers
a map to our deepest desires, it enables
misinformation to run rampant,
attention spans to run short and false stories
from phony sites to run circles
around major news outlets.

~Oprah Winfrey~



Such a beautiful fall day here in California. I am so grateful to my life, my amazing husband, the opportunities that have allowed me to work from home in such a peaceful place that heals and allows for wholeness. While it has taken time to adjust to the quiet and remoteness of this life it is clear that the universe knew what it was doing for me in so many ways. I am clear that the plan laid out for all of us is what our soul needs for the evolution and growth of our entire being. The universe stops us before we push ourselves into places where we can cause more harm to our body, mind, and spirit. The key is to learn to listen and to move when prompted. That is where understanding the huge feeling difference between how our ego/mind operates and the feeling and energetic flow of spirit talking. I am grateful that I have learned to not override those intuitive promptings with my ego. I did that for many years and at least I learned that doing it from overriding my core with my ego, always resulted in more suffering. It always caused problems. It always created hurt. And it did not allow for authentic expression and truth. You are not lost if you know and feel in your soul how spirit and the universe speak to you. You are never alone when you walk from a place of wholeness and center. You become a support in a stressed world when you have a calm heart and peace in your soul. You become a tool for the transformation of others when you are in alignment with the greater flows of love that hold this world together.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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