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Numerology/Astrology for 11/21/18


11/21/18 is the number 7. The number 7 asks you to look at your personal unique thoughts and gifts. Are you taking advantage of them? Do you support the learning curve and embrace the quest for knowledge? Education is the key to stepping beyond our genetic programming and seeing a bigger world. In this day and age, it will be those that are multi-national in their mindset and approach that will succeed the most. In such a global economy, understanding the rules, cultural norms, and social behaviors to support the growth of businesses and economies is important to creating bridges for money and commerce. That requires an intellect that is curious and willing to embrace differences rather than pull back and separate from them. Every culture has unique qualities that are beautiful gifts that we can grow and learn from. Every bit of travel opens our eyes to other ways of doing things. What you discover is that our way is only one way. There are many other ways that work also. Because this number is ruled by Saturn, you have to recognize that all knowledge requires something. That something is a type of sacrifice. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your limited egoic perspective. Sometimes you have to sacrifice getting something done in your personal expectation of timing. Sometimes you have to explain things in a way that is more understandable to others. That can help you in so many ways. It also gives you patience and the ability to think quickly in the moment. It is in the gifting that you discover why you are really here.

Astrology Today


As the Sun lingers in the last bits of Scorpio and the days continue to lengthen into the darker seasons of Fall into Winter, know that there is also a quincunx from the Sun to Uranus today. Notice if you want to make a hasty action and actively choose to not do that. Such moments when you change your mind suddenly cause accidents and create distractions and feeling more scattered than you need to. Keep it simple. There is that phrase, “Don’t drive faster than your angels can fly!” I love that one and it is very applicable to this day. While surprises are probable, they can also be received from a calmer and more conscious place. Expect your plans to change and get disrupted. What ever you think the schedule is, probably will alter in ways that want to make you pull your hair out. Don’t let it get to you. Life is a constant test of center. Life will always throw you one more thing to have to deal with. This is how we grow and it may be time to embrace the chaos and allow it to expand your perception.

While the Moon continues plodding through the earth sign of Taurus, there is a very big part that wishes, life would just calm down and go back to the way it used to be. I am sure all of us feel that to some extent. But we are not in control of the external world only our internal reaction to our life events.

Mercury and Venus are heading into a semi-square, so expect to feel more nervous than normal and that restlessness might be difficult to handle.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Education is
an ornament in prosperity
and a refuge in adversity.”



Interviewers question:

A person, particularly in the West, must have the foundation of humility, honesty, and an ethical way of life. Once one has this foundation, what else does Your Holiness suggest that one cultivate in one’s life, if there is the foundation of virtue, ethics and humility.

Dalai Lama answer:

The next thing to be cultivate is mental stabilization. Ethics is a method to control oneself- it is a defensive action. Our actual enemy, you see is within ourselves. The afflicted emotions (pride, anger, jealousy_ are our real enemies. These are the real trouble makers, and they are to be found within ourselves. The actual practice of religion consists of fighting against these inner enemies.

As in any war, first we must have a defensive action, and in our spiritual fight against the negative emotions, ethics is our defense. Knowing that at first one is not fully prepared for offensive action, we first resort to defensive action and then means ethics. But once one has prepared one’s defenses, and has become somewhat accustomed to ethics, then one must launch one’s offensive. Here our main weapon is wisdom. The weapon of wisdom is like a bullet, or maybe even a rocket, and the rocket launcher is mental stabilization or calm abiding. In brief, once you have a basis in morality or ethics, the next step is to train in mental stabilization and eventually in wisdom.
~The Dalai Lama – A Policy of Kindness~


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