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Numerology/Astrology for 11/19/18

11/19/18 is the number 5. The number 5 is about immersing yourself into the physical world. Unfortunately, it can also be a bit reckless and self-indulgent. Be careful to not take things too far. While this is a number of freedom, you must also be highly responsible for your actions and choices. Your decisions always impact those around you. Be vivacious an unconventional but practice kindness and mercy. Recognize that you are an explorer on this beautiful planet. You are a soul that came to learn and grasp new experiences. Notice where you feel confined and allow that restlessness to activate something inside that wants change. It is a choice to become freedom in action. There is a curiosity that propels you forward when you allow your spiritual connection to life, fill you up and lead you into new experiences.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in the impatient sign of Aries and the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, continue to watch out for the crazy drivers today. Defensive driving is the name of the game. This Mercury retrograde makes the unpredictable happen.

Mars squares Jupiter today and so it is easy to get riled up. But it is also easy to get enthusiastic about things that need some time and care. Just don’t overdo. It is easy to not know when to stop.

Be aware of becoming hasty, counting your chickens before they hatch and putting money into ventures that need to be further studied. There is a tendency to overestimate what is possible and not realize that you are taking on too much. Many things are possible with time but know that decisions made right now will take more time and effort than you are anticipating.

Take some of this competitive spirit that is arising and move it constructively. At the very least fight for what is fair. This energy can make lawsuits or struggles more intense because they are hitting on the differences in personal philosophy and principals. There is a feeling of urgency and anxiety that may be stronger today. Practice patience though it will be in short supply. Assume that beginning now means completion much later. Do not push because it will be a waste of energy and effort.
Mercury square Neptune in retrograde at the exact degree makes you feel a bit odd. Nothing really goes exactly to plan. Are you willing to make the changes to make this new possibility happen? You may feel like you need to say “Yes” but double check that before you lock yourself into a position that is going to be difficult. You are trying to get to the next level and such shifts take time. Weirdness seems to be the norm. It will take you time to process through all this. Just take today slow. Expecting outcomes will work against you. Slow down. Let it happen in its own designated time. If you are not getting what you want, that means there are things that you still need to put in place.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are the only
species on earth
capable of preventing
our own flowering.
~David Whyte~



You belong in a world
that is free, wild, and wondrous.
Choosing to live in any other world
will make you feel as if you do not belong.
Seek out that wildness inside
and give it space to run, breathe, and embody.
Those that seek perfection will not find it.
Because what shapes and molds you
into the enlightened spark of the potential
is not seeking what you desire
but what disturbs your core.
That disturbance is what nourishes
and feeds that spark inside.
It is that chaos and wildness that will
help you discover everything you need.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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