Numerology/Astrology for 11/18/17


Numerology/Astrology for 11/18/17
11/18/17 is the number 3. The number 3 is a number of faith. But what is faith? And how does one apply it in a way that is reasonable and has positive impact with others? One of the definitions of the word, “faith”, is complete confidence in a person or plan. At this time, I believe that having faith in yourself if going to be more important than having blind faith in governments or institutions. The later, is sorely lacking at the moment. So, falling back into a place where you learn to trust your personal journey and process is even more important than ever. There are moments when your personal process has its own specific path and that is potentially out of alignment with external structures that attempt to maintain control. In all evolutions, eventually, one must choose the personal and individual path over the rules and regulations that external sources have offered. You are an individual. And you are in a moment when trusting your personal journey is critical for a safe passage through a difficult time.
The Scorpio New Moon is on November 18 at 3:42 AM PST (27 degrees). You can call out your inner detective or researcher now. There is a desire to uncover hidden patterns to discover some deeper understanding. Think twice before believing fake news or conspiracy theories. Scorpio helps you go to deeper meaning and vulnerable depths to take your relationships to a more intimate level. It also helps you release and heal old emotional wounds so they do not interfere with you. Be aware that responsible Saturn is currently aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Galactic Center (GC) holds a black hole that was very important to ancient Mayan and other cultures. Although it is difficult to give an exact interpretation of this alignment (occurs only once every 28 years, last time early 1991), you can say that you are aligning with a larger, galactic place calling you to more responsibility and conscious clarity. Galactic Center helps you step back to get an expanded view of what is going on in your life and the world. Several planets will be touching this sensitive point in the next month. And just to keep it interesting, there is a forceful combination between Mars and Pluto. (Harvey Weinstein was born with this pattern in his natal chart to give you a hint about the negative side). On the negative level, avoid angry, controlling or obsessive people and don’t walk alone in bad areas or late at night. Because those that might be a bit off center may capitalize on a situation. Positively, take action to transform your life to improve balance between your personal needs and your responsibilities out in the world. Be ambitious but do not steam roller over people. A New Moon occurs this morning in the sign of Scorpio. In the month ahead, it puts all of us in great shape for new beginnings along Scorpio-themed lines. It’s a time to focus on some of the constructive traits of the sign of the Scorpion. Be passionate, resourceful, focused, probing, deep, and perceptive. Then decide how to incorporate these qualities into your life in meaningful and positive ways. Scorpio New Moons are suitable for working on your self-mastery skills. You may want to pinpoint the things in your lives that make you feel out of control, such as addictions and debts, and work on freeing yourself of these emotional burdens. This is the moment to rid yourself of excess “junk” in your life. You may be moved to dig deeper into the mysteries that are making life very different than at other times in your life. You recognize that you must learn to find contentment because going along with the status quo is not really giving inner peace. Taking the time to understand others’ motives can enrich your feelings of intimacy, forgiveness, and sense of meaning. A Mars-Pluto square is exact tomorrow morning but also influencing today, and it has a way of pulling up suppressed matter or emotional “slush.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Something very beautiful happens
to people when their world’s
fallen apart: a humility, a nobility,
a higher intelligence emerges
at just the point when our knees
hit the floor

~Marianne Williamson~


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