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Numerology/Astrology for 11/16/17

11/16/17 is the number 10. With the intensity of the astrology know that feeling deeply on a multitude of levels has the capacity to overwhelm your nervous system. So how do you stand in your power under such influences? You stay calm. You recognize that these are transits and they will pass. You choose to not take things personally and recognize that all moments shift. So there is no reason to overreact and create more suffering for others by your overwhelm. Own your own choices and actions. Power comes from taking responsibility.
On Thursday morning, pay attention to your dreams as Neptune is activated in a very nice way. In addition to prophetic dreams, Thursday supports sharing your visions and possibilities with others. Two heartening and supportive trines occur this morning — between Venus and Neptune and the Sun and Chiron. These aspects make your imagination, sense of wonder, compassion, and sense of romance or harmony stronger than normal. Gentleness with others is most appropriate now. You see the very best in people, and this eases our interactions and takes the pressure off in personal relationships. Still, with a Venus-Saturn semi-square also active this morning, notice that you can be more sensitive in social situations. There may be moments when anxiety might inhibit your expression of delight or love. There are so many areas where may be holding parts of yourself back. The Moon enters Scorpio early today, at 3:20 AM EST, and aligns with Jupiter this evening. Emotions are felt intensely, and intensity is relished! It’s a great time of the lunar month to do research, investigate, and probe. Learning what makes people tick becomes more active today.
~Suzanne Wagner~


As the legend goes,
when the Phoenix resurrects
from the flames, she is
even more beautiful
than before.
~Danielle LaPorte~



Still battling being sick from my whirlwind trip and then the stress of the death of my friend in Utah. I think it is going to take a few more days to regroup. Fortunately, it is raining here and so there is that feeling of wanting to curl up and go nowhere. I am grateful for the rain and the quiet of my home here in California. The cat is thrilled I am home and the stray cat that I feed was also in his spot waiting for me to come out with the food. I am so grateful to my neighbors who took such great care of the house, hummingbirds, and cats while I was away. There is nothing better than great neighbors. Everyone take care of yourselves. The astrology is intense for the next week and you might feel like me, exhausted and lacking motivation. Learn to flow with life. Learn to let go and not do. It is a lesson that all of us need at certain points.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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