Numerology/Astrology for 11/12/17


Numerology/Astrology for 11/12/17

11/12/17 is the number 6. Take a look at where you either are or are not creating an atmosphere of security and harmony. It is only through safety that we can heal deep wounds. It is only by being secure in our home and family that we can train our body/mind/spirit to be able cope with the evolution of responsibility and the stresses of daily life. If you never had a real feeling of belonging and safety, you have placed your nervous system in such a chronic state of stress that you hot wire it into a less adaptive and less functioning level of interaction. Unlearning such patterns can be lifelong and difficult. But you can recognize where you are creating such an atmosphere and do something different. Learning to cultivate calm states of love and acceptance, finding peace, and learning to do nothing are healthy for all the levels of your consciousness. When you accept yourself and love yourself enough to find stillness then real healing can begin.

The Moon continues to be in hard working Virgo on Sunday from the weekend, but it is best to accomplish productive tasks in the morning and early afternoon. By late afternoon, you are ready for some kick-back lazy time. There are two small, but potentially bright, meteor showers this week: the Taurids strongest on the 12th and the Leonids which are strongest on the 17th. They are best seen in the very early morning in constellations Taurus and Leo. This morning, the Moon forms a square to Mercury and opposition to Neptune. The Virgo Moon craves order but the opposition can be challenging. So, finding clear answers might be more difficult than expected. By the evening, the Moon-Pluto trine will make you more deliberate and decisive. However, a Mercury-Uranus aspect comes into force, and you may have a hard time following any predetermined schedule. You might feel scattered and have difficulty conveying your ideas and then making them work. There is a Venus-Jupiter alignment in the sign of Scorpio, early tomorrow. This aspect helps create a more cooperative atmosphere, optimism, forgiveness, and generosity. Just don’t let your expectations get too high. You might be driven to overspend so hide your credit cards from yourself. You are sociable, fun-loving, and desirous of sharing happiness and joy with others. This can be an excellent influence for beginning a new relationship or financial undertaking, or for kind gestures and efforts to renew or refresh existing ties and form new ones.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I thought perhaps she was crazy,
but she was only highly intuitive.

~C.G. Jung – SoulBraille~


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