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Numerology/Astrology for 11/10/17

11/10/17 is the number 4. Sometimes balance is about rolling with the changes and allowing the chaos to take you to a new and interesting place. Sometimes balance is perceived as calm. But you can stay calm in a storm. Life is full of various storms and upsets. Learning that allowing the nature of life to rattle you and throw you out of balance is just a reminder that there is still work to do internally or externally.

The Moon spends the day in Leo. Be creative, loving, and ready to perform under this influence. This afternoon, the Last Quarter Moon occurs when the Sun in Scorpio forms a square with the Leo Moon. The Last Quarter Moon phase points to a crisis of consciousness. After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week’s Full Moon, you can now sort out what works for you and what doesn’t. You are heading towards the final Saturn-Uranus trine in a set of three that first began in December, exact tomorrow morning, and you are in an excellent position to give form to your unusual ideas or make an unconventional set-up work for you.
~Suzanne Wagner~



If every day, you gave in a small way,
over time you will see that
it is the small steps
that make the biggest difference.
Think not in grandiose terms
for leaving a legacy.
When you lift someone out
of a desperate place to become
a functioning and successful person
you change not just their world
but their entire lineage.

~Suzanne Wagner~




The earthquake that happened in Nepal a few years ago really devastated areas east of Katmandu. I had been in Nepal in 2011 on my way to Bhutan so I was blessed to see some of these incredible medieval towns before the quake. They were magnificent and really allowed you to feel as if you could really picture life in those times. Many of them are World Heritage Sites and I believe a great goal to have in your lifetime is to see most of them before you die. I remember watching the videos in horror as they crumbled into dust on film in front of my eyes and I felt so sad for the great loss to such history. There is a very high end hotel in Katmandu that was built in the 1930’s and a very wealthy man decided to save these intricate wood carved panels and windows done in that style. As a group, we went to this hotel for dinner and it fortunately was made with more sturdy techniques and was still standing. It gave again that feeling and ancient connection to societies from our past and potentially from our lineage. But so much was dust. I saw that many countries committed money and workers to rebuild sections. Much to my embarrassment and shame our country because of choices happening in the chaos of our election, the American sections are not being worked on at all. They are total rubble. While the countries like China, Russia, France, Germany, etc were busy and industriously rebuilding brick by brick with huge scaffolds holding things up and together. Drivers that we had said that their own homes were destroyed and they do not have the money to rebuild so they are living in one room while they try to get money together to begin that arduous process. When I am in third world countries I always try to bring extra money. Not necessarily for shopping but for tipping. Most of these people are not making much money and the tips can make a huge difference. As much as I will say that the roads are still in terrible shape and incredibly bumpy and uncomfortable to navigate I support those who have the means and desire to go to Nepal. They need to money from tourism. If you are a well travelled individual and want an adventure then this is something that you will never forget. I know that I won’t. It was worth all the effort and the people are some of the kindest you will ever meet.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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