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Numerology/Astrology for 1/10/19

1/10/19 is the number 5. This is a number about the spiritual fire within. What is it that ignites your spirit? Today, movement from that inspirational place is important. When that fire within ignites, it is up to you to learn to use that energy consciously and constructively. Those without self-control and a conscious center can become reckless and irresponsible. What motivates you is one thing. What you do with that motivation is quite another. Your actions are seen and judged by others. More important you have to live with your actions and choices. It is actions that cause karma to become manifested. All of us learn from our decisions and choices. All of us learn how to be kind to ourself and others.
Actions that have the intention to cause harm are always suspect.
At least that makes it simple.
But it is amazing how often humanity uses that burst of life force energy reactively.
Self-control is important in all interactions in life. Without self-control you cannot learn to meticulously manifest your dreams.
Discipline is the key to many successes.
While failure is a part of learning and creation, failures help you to learn how to fine-tune essential things so that organic flow can happen between many aspects in your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues to stimulate your deeper emotions and as it aligns with Neptune in the evening your psychic abilities increase and open to new levels of perception. It will be easier to get “into” the depths of what is making others tick. You can see through the obvious facades and understand what is motivating others. It gives you insight to a deeper understanding if you allow yourself to follow the flow of energy that happens in your personal interactions with those in your immediate circle.

The Sun and Pluto form a parallel today and a conjunction tomorrow. This is a time when intensity increases in your lives and relationships. You have a dogged persistence and ambitious drive. You do need to learn control when you feel pressed. Be aware of your temperamental behavior. Decision should not be made in a heated moment or exchange. You are better than that. Feel past your own wants and needs and into the feelings of others. Use the gift of focus that this aspect offers to help create outcomes that serve the greater good. There are moments to keep things inside and not rush to express them outward. This is that moment.

This is a moment to let the more powerful desire within for self-actualization and self-mastery have the control. Expect small crisis to trigger you. These are the alerts to help you recognize where you are needing to grow, evolve, and still heal. Know that some people may appear paranoid and want to take things to extremes. Do not be one of them.

Instead focus on updating, revising, and eliminating things that are no longer necessary. You have to decide that now is the time to begin something that matters to you. The question is how can you do that without adding more stress into your life. You have a lot on your plate. Prioritizing is critical and letting go of what is no longer relevant is important now.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Self-control is the chief element in self-respect,
and self-respect is the chief element in courage.


Mastering your thoughts is the beginning of self-control and self-discipline. If you cannot control your own thoughts, you are vulnerable to influence by others agendas. When thoughts are running amuck in your mind, they can make you act in ways that you may regret and that give you consequences later.
When you have self-control, you find your inner strength.
Right thoughts allow you to discover your power and mastery.
And calmness is where true power resides.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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