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Numerology/Astrology for 10/9/19

10/9/19 is the number 4. Balance requires skill (especially in these times) because there are constant micro-adjustments that are necessary to deal with this reality at this moment. It is very obvious at this time that there are things that just have to be done on a daily basis to maintain the reality. It is not personal. It just is. Life is flowing through rapids at this time and you have to stay awake to the instant changes that are required of you. And there are things that must be addressed but that you don’t necessarily like. Welcome to the club! At least you know that it is not just you. It is everyone at this time. When you stop thinking that the world is doing all this just to personally irritate you, then you can see past your own discomfort and know that everyone is feeling that in a variety of ways also. Once you know that then your ego can take a back seat and you can just do what is required without resistance. Then you will have the balance that you are seeking.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Wednesday (as we approach Noon) we begin to be under the softer Pisces Moon. Just remember this is the most sensitive place for the Moon to be and so others are more vulnerable. Be kind. You may want to be alone. Your imagination is strong and the reality will feel weakened and troublesome. It is a great day to sit in silence and meditate.

The Moon trines Venus in Scorpio. If you were not sure with the Moon being in Pisces that this is an emotional day then this aspect will set that in stone. While it is a day to learn how to modify and adapt it is also a day where you just don’t have the desire to fight anyone. Especially about things that are so obviously bad and ridiculous.

Both Venus and the Sun are trying to challenge Neptune. You are not going to get your expectation. You cannot put enough sugar on the reality to make you be able to swallow it. It becomes even more clear that there is no quick way to fix the multitude of problems out there and you would be wise to not make any big decisions right now. There is just too much unfolding that you cannot see but you can feel.

You want to have your intuition be crystal clear but it feels instead mind-numbing and slow. Concentration is a struggle and you are reminded to first connect with what you need rather than try to fix things beyond your control.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I want a world
where we can get
high on love, not hate.
I want a world
where we can give
everyone a chance to grow.
I want a world
where all life is given
a space to live and thrive.
I want a world where truth
is valued as the highest
expression of consciousness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I will not support countries who have the intention to harm their own people.
I will not believe in the lies that perpetuate suffering.
I will not support laws that take away from those that need it the most.
I will not support decisions that harm our friends and allies.
I will not condone choices that are obviously about hate.
I will not placate people with power and influence that have no conscience.
I will not tolerate the choices that destroy our beautiful world for money.
I will forever resist such things.
Call me a rebel.
I will never shift out of the pathways of truth.
I know it is easier to align with life and the natural order.
The consequences of choosing anything else is a karmic disaster for my soul.
There is so much at stake at this time in the world.
The world requires warriors to stand with the rules and laws of life.
I know where I stand.
It is effortless to stand up for what is right.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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