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Numerology/Astrology for 10/8/19


10/8/19 is the number 3. Today is a great day for a positive attitude. Let that passion out and let those creative juices flow. There is so much that can get done when you are happy. Use the combined energy of this day numerologically and astrologically to get a lot accomplished. Finding the ways through life that inspire and help motivate is the focus for the moment. You can find ways through that are going to help you express joy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today


The Moon is in Aquarius, asking for you to harmonize your life and to look from an overview perspective as to the actions and choices that make up your wonderful life. The things that really matter are those intangible things that refresh you spirit and allow you to move through life inspired.

Venus goes into Scorpio and will be there until November 1st. Such an aspect magnifies the passions and being a shallow swimmer in love is no longer interesting. You know there is more if you go deeper. The discovery on how to do that is what your life wants to focus on at the moment. Know that things can be intense and unforgettable. Both Venus and Scorpio are known for their passion and there are moments when you feel very alive because of your willingness to go into your vulnerability. Learn to hold the power of your passions because then they can become the fuel for great things, powerful moments, and memorable experiences. There are those out there that do not know how to hold such wild feelings and so they give all that amazing power away. While that is also a way to share these energies it can be used to inspire others to their greatness. But never leave yourself out of the equation. You have to learn to hold all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you could be to expand yourself into the highest potential possible.

There is a Mars/Chiron opposition which can add complications into your life.  Handle such things in an honest and straight forward way. That will keep things from getting out of hand. Notice if you get defensive and simply chose peace over conflict. A gentle hand and approach will work better.

The Sun in Libra trines the Moon. Generally this is a positive aspect. Work together and you can accomplish much.

A positive attitude goes a long way and many projects can get momentum right now. Artistically you feel optimistic and able to attract to you what you need and want.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The time of darkness is creeping in.
The time of ghosts, witches, and goblins.
The time where darkness displaces the light.
The time when vampires wander and bite.
The time when fears are allowed to be expressed.
The time when we seek the dispossessed.

Howl to the Moon.
Spirits want to commune.
Find the perfect place
Where you allow embrace.
Call to the world that
lives behind the veil.
Remember you are not alone
and that you will prevail.

~Suzanne Wagner~


As we are in the month of Halloween, the nights are getting longer and the veil between this world and the next becomes thinner. But something has been slowly changing for a while. And I have noticed that the connections between the living and the dead are becoming more and more obvious.
That is a drastic shift from the norm.
I have always noticed such things at various times. But now the protections from the other side around their loved ones is stronger than at any other time in my experience. With the addition of the fact that we are in the month of October and it normally has an awakening to that process of death. That is because the world is slowly dying in the Fall season and the energy goes down and into the ground and the roots. And now we also have this remarkable shift in the energy that is clearly needed at this time, otherwise it would not be happening.

When I was a child, I noticed that before bad things happened to those that I loved, they would be surrounded by those on the other side that had come to help. The more they were enclosed in a circle the more important it was for them to have strong protection. Something was always up and about to happen.
And it never failed that that was the case.
Now, I see so many walking around with these bubbles of protection around them. Myself included. I feel the presence of those that have passed and that care and love all around me. It is a nice feeling. But it also makes me slightly nervous because I wonder what is about to happen and happen to all of us.
Clearly something massive is unraveling and what that may look like is anyone’s guess.
I have a lot of ideas and images but I prefer to warn others before things happen because I believe that together we can change the course of this boat if we all work together.
I prefer to not put power into those in the world whose intention is to destroy all that is good and wonderful in the world.
I will never give my power to such people.
Not now.
Not in my past lives.
And not ever in the future.
I believe that together we can shift this negativity into something that we can be proud of for our children and grandchildren. I believe in the power of compassion of open closed hearts. And I believe that only the real truth can set us free.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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  1. Allen 8 months ago

    Maybe a little prayer to the Mother is in order.
    Thank you Mother for your continuing gentle compassion. Please define that compassion in our hearts now and help us move forward in our daily lives with divine harmony.

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