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Numerology/Astrology for 10/7/18


10/7/18 is the number 10. The number 10 reminds us that it is time to begin. It is time to sprout. Just like certain plant seeds only open in the storm, so too each of us presently is feeling the winds and hearing the thunder of the coming storm. It is the right time to have the circumstances of our life force us to break open that protective shell of ego that has been protecting out potential. While it has been keeping it safe until the right moment. It is only now that we recognize that the right moment is never the safe moment. The right moment is when the chaos is at its peak and the storms of life threaten to tear down what has been. It is in the storms of life that the souls break open and reveal their potential.

“Those that can handle the chaos
are those that awaken in the storms.”

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


On Sunday, the moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase until 6:10 PM PDT. It is a good time to tend to the mundane tasks in your life and take care of your inner, spiritual needs since this is the moment of darkness before the New Moon.

The Sun forms a quincunx to Neptune at Noon and so you might notice your mind doubting your reality. The way through is to not decide but to slow down. Knowing what is intuition or the ego/mind is going to be tough right about then. Concentration might go right out the window. So, don’t be climbing ladders and such. (a joke)

The New Moon is coming in tomorrow so if you had any rituals you wanted to ground in and start, today, is the day to plan those out. With the New Moon in Libra tomorrow, then you can finally redirect your interests and focus once again into more productive directions.

The Moon is in Virgo all day till 9 pm this evening. So, keep organizing and bringing things back into some sort of order.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Actions are the seed of fate
deeds grow into destiny.
~Harry S. Truman~






We continue to be in emotionally challenging times. I know that many of my clients feel a growing dis-ease on all levels in this world. Such times are to show us what is really important. Spiritual family is essential. Trust in a few critical people even more so. You can feel that you need to know who has your back, really!
People that are not congruent between their external and internal selves have a split in their soul. All things can heal but in difficult times often that split becomes more extreme in its expression.

I have a saying and that is, “That if you cannot see someone’s split or shadow, then (for sure) that shadow is going to bite you in the ass when you least expect it. Once you know that hidden broken self and you can see the wound from which it originates, then you can begin to navigate that person more effectively.”

The problem right now is that there are emotional/telepathic alliances that are old and rigid between people. Those connections (sometimes) are based on need and fear. Sometimes on the illusion of love when it is really dependence. This shows up especially between mates, lovers, and longtime friends.

Then the life is designed to maintain the telepathic agreement fields. An example would be, “One mate is older and the other younger. The younger mate picked the older mate to feel safe and secure. Which did work. The younger mate gave up a part of their own serenity and independence for that security. But say, now that older person’s beliefs are distorting. Whether from fear, age, wounding, or habit. And the younger person knows better. They know that the beliefs of the older mate are not correct. But the alliance is so strong that the younger one acquiesces to that older mate because of habit and pattern. Often they have been doing it for years. They have the fear that if they tell the truth, then they will not be loved. The fear of loss of love is at the root of most lies. That duality that the younger person is living in is a type of sell out. And it is never a good idea to sell out your truth even to one you love. Telling the truth is messy. Confronting those that have been holding the reigns of sovereignty and power never want to let go of that power and control.

But each one of us will have to let that go eventually. We will all age and become less effective. We are all going to need to let go of the power and control as we begin the journey towards the end of our life. We will have to change. All forms of change support the transcendence of the soul to higher vibrations.

Lies are heavy on the heart and soul. Lies are toxic to the clarity of the mind and allow the ego to manipulate through fear. Today take a look at your relationships. What is the lie that your mate is doing that is not working? How are you supporting that behavior that does not give the result of integrity, clarity, honesty, and fullness? How can you speak the truth and move it through your heart without anger or irritation?

The first step is to do it from the place that you are opening love in the fullest way possible. Just like a seed that swells and opens in the desire to grow, within each of us is a seed that wishes to expand. What are the conditions that are the best for that seed to have the chance to become the highest potential of its essence?

Besides no seed knows fully the beauty of what it will become. It only can feel that potential reaching out of the darkness and the deep desire to move towards the light.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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