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Numerology/Astrology for 10/6/17
10/6/17 is the number 8. Too often the analytical and interpretive aspects of the left brain and mind and perceived as more powerful and influential. Today is a moment when you should look at what you perceive power to be inside yourself and in your world. Personal power is never flashy. Real power has a quality of calm observation, self-confidence, and inner strength. Power is something that is built slowly through experiences and by living your truth with integrity, compassion, and organized problem-solving. This number is related to the North Node and your personal individual fate that you have chosen to create in this life. This is the number of Karma and the concept that you reap what you sow. The lesson of today is acceptance and compassion, first for self and only then for others. Justice and balance is possible if you are willing to overcome your childish belligerence, manipulation, anger, and rush to judgment.
The Moon continues its transit of free-spirited Aries until 7:56 PM EDT, and a Venus-Mars parallel also supports spontaneity. However, it can be challenging to make clear decisions, as Mercury forms a quincunx with Neptune. Expect mental tension and disorganized thought patterns, making this a difficult time to get a clear message across. Yes, there is a feeling of uncertainty and indecision in the air and you may find it difficult to find and trust your intuition or to combine your right brains instinct with your left brains structure. In the astrology, the planets are moving towards a semi-square between Uranus and Neptune. This is a long-term transit that first formed exactly in August and will continue to perfect until May 2019. Use this energy to inspire you to make a big change. Expect to feel a restless energy as you search for an emotional fulfillment that is not forthcoming. Don’t invest in anything speculative at the moment as things are not what they seem. The Moon enters Taurus at 7:56 PM EDT, and is a steadier, although somewhat indulgent influence.
~Suzanne Wagner~



You can never unlove
those that you have loved.
Hearts remember
what the mind wants to forget.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“You have to learn to live without violence in such a violent world. It is difficult to live sanely in an insane world but that is the only life there is and one has to find one’s way to live through it. All that we can do is to never become violent against violence, because that is not going to help. Have deep compassion. If one has to suffer, one should suffer through compassion.

And people who are violent are completely unaware; they don’t know what they are doing…

So one can pray, one can love, and one can have compassion, but the violence is there. And you cannot change it, because the world is so big; how can you change it? One has to accept it. And you can go on doing whatsoever one can do on one’s own — a little bit, whatsoever one can spread. Spread your love.

~Lokita Carter~


The world is like a desert but even if you can sow a single seed and only two flowers come to it, even that is something. In this vast desert land if two flowers or even a single flower comes up, that too is good.” ~Osho, The Open Secret, A Darshan Diary~


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