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Numerology/Astrology for 10/5/18


10/5/18 is the number 8. The number 8 shows that the world continues to grieve. So many things have been lost over the past few years. Sanity being one of them. Kindness being another. Civility has been replaced by outright hatred and the balance of power that needs to be maintained within each of us is tilted so far off center that I am not sure how we can get it back in my lifetime. Shocking to see that a few powerful people can have such an impact that it changes the face of an entire country from one of hope to one of hate. What I unfortunately know is that such times get worse before they get better. All you can do is own the despair, sadness, and hate within yourself and learn to not project that onto others in your world. Stick with facts not fantasies. Stay with truth, even if that truth hurts. Because in the end each of us have to live with ourselves. Regret is an emotion that destroys many things. I prefer to live without regret. I prefer to move all energy through my heart before I speak. I prefer to live a life where everyone is accepted and honored, valued, and allowed to grow. I prefer to not let the hatred of others become a cancer in my life, though I see it spreading and eating others up in fear and anger.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Venus is in Scorpio and it is standing still as it prepared to go retrograde through November 16th. Venus retrograde is all about temptation. Notice what you are tempted to do and know that impulse control is lacking. I find this interesting because during this cycle in America we have an election. I expect it to be highly charged and stressful. While this cycle wants to look for comfort it is at the beginning of the cycle also quite insecure. You might want to go back to an old relationship and cling to the goodness of the past. It often is about closure and finding a way to love and let go. In the middle of the cycle it will be a good time to be creative and explore your inner world. The last two weeks of the Venus Retrograde happen and cross the Election date November 4th. It is called the “Dark Cupid” or a narcissistic affair. The “Dark Cupid” brings out the negative side of Aphrodite’s personality. And yes, she does have a bad side. She had a reputation for jealousy, revenge, possessiveness and infidelity. She creates and causes misery and great stress. And that often feeds the drama.

Since Venus turns retrograde less than any other planet, it is important to pay attention to this less common cycle. The goddess wants you to review and reflect on all of your relationships. You are reflecting that you don’t have certain relationships. She is going to revamp your love and your money. So, get ready.

Scorpio continues to take all of us to the hidden depths of your desires and old emotional wounds. It is time to release any wounds and to be honest about your needs. Venus is also a money planet, so look at your budget and prosperity consciousness. My suggestion is to work to pay off bills and credit cards. Perhaps you need to move money around your stock portfolio to get the most out of this changing economy.

The Moon is in Leo pushing us forward until this evening at 7:20 pm EST when it enters Virgo and the practical magic gains force, momentum, and power.

Mercury and Jupiter form a semi-sextile suggesting some inability to settle down on just about anything. So, know the energy is amped up and ideas and opinions abound.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Right now, some powerful
men are attempting
to tear down and destroy women.
Destroy what they believe,
their rights, their choices,
what they feel,
what is right for them,
and first and foremost
they want to destroy their voice.
Men have lived and thrived
off of the energy that they have
manipulated, captured
and taken from women.
Men control women
by raging and rebelling.
They stomp around like
terrible two-year old’s
in a temper tantrum of
calculated, controlled mayhem.
Women destroy themselves
by failing to rebel
against this childishness
~Suzanne Wagner~






Let me be clear. I love men. I have an awesome husband that allows me to have my power and listens to me when I speak. I had an awesome father who supported education and intelligent conversation that was not about opinions but about facts. He did not project fear out into the world, nor lies that had no basis in reality. I have been blessed with the protection and powerful support of men that held their masculinity in a place of sacred duty to protect and serve the family and the feminine. I know the power of a strong masculine and I respect it and honor it in return. Because of that I have been allowed to mature into a woman who has a voice and a woman who knows who she is. I realize that many women were trained to be subjugated to men and to only be a pawn in a masculine game. That creates a life of servitude and sacrifice. But when does that woman find the place that she gets to express her greatness, power, joy, and contribute directly to the things that she holds near and dear to her heart? I believe we are there. I believe that something has been changing for a while and that the feminine is awakening to the awareness of that suppression. And with that awareness comes conscious and laser like change.

But there is a change that needs to happen on a much deeper level. And that is about the abuse that women to do women. Many years ago, I created with my powerful women friends an event called the, Wild Women Symposium. It was wonderful and awesome to see what happened in that event. The theme was about “Women supporting Women”. I had rules laid out in black and white, agreements, conversations that one facilitator could not speak badly about another one and that we had to come from a unified feminine field. Everyone agreed, but then the dark side of the feminine started slithering its way into the beautiful mix of healing and transformation. And the very women who were supposed to be the beacons for carrying the torch of light for women, consciously and unconsciously began to tear down other women. Even a year after the events ended (and it went three years), one particular woman sent me an email where she proudly admitted, “That it was her that threw me under the bus!”

Wow! Even I was shocked at the unconscious hatred and competition that was thrown my way. Fortunately, I was intuitive enough that I saw it happening (which was why I was ending the Symposium) and even when I reiterated about the rules and agreements it continued to happen.

So, I had pulled the plug a year plus, before I got this angry email.

I don’t understand women that want to tear down other women. I don’t understand judging another woman over her experiences in life. And right now, I don’t understand the women who do not believe other women about sexual abuse. Especially, when those women judging have never experienced such an event. And often those women either live or have grown up in a very controlled environment that limited their exposure. While abuse can happen anywhere and even in very religious settings, environment is a huge factor.

As a young woman, I was in New York City dancing at a time when New York City was not as safe as it is now. I walked around with mace in my hand. I dealt with many tricky moments where my safety was in question. Other dancers were attacked, sliced with knives, raped, etc. I recognized that what I could not do, was drop my guard. I had to stay awake and alert in every moment when I was on the street or going into and out of a building. Many women consider a lot of factors that support their safety before they walk out the door in the morning. Men do not understand how much that is a factor for women on a daily basis. I see women that dress horribly. And when they complain that they do not have a date, I bring up how they are dressing. And wow, the drama that comes up from that is amazing. Often those women were shamed, embarrassed, put down, or ridiculed for dressing too sexy. Men seem to not be trained by our society (well enough) to know that you can look but not touch and not comment. Some of those women were abused sexually as children and they learned to hide with how they dressed.

I want to live in a world where women can be the wild and wonderfully beautiful flowers that they are. I want a world where women do not feel it their civic duty to put other women down. I want a world where women allow other women to explore the vast array of colors, flavors, and textures that it is to be a woman. I want a world that is brave enough to speak up to those that shame other women.

We are clearly not there yet. But I know that on a daily basis, I do my best to uplift other women and allow other women to explore and grow.

May the negative voices be silenced with love.
May hate no longer be a socially acceptable pass-time.
May shaming others become a lost skill.
May the compassionate heart become the voice of the people.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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