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Numerology/Astrology for 10/4/17
10/4/17 is the number 6. This number is about prayer and so many need our prayers at this time. But the negative side of this number points to the disconnected and unaware sides of our nature that just allow us to avoid reality and keep going forward in our old way. This is a number to stop and reflect, to ask for divine guidance, to move from a moral and ethical, life-affirming center. It sees those whose actions are hypocritical and morally superior. And whose actions do not reflect actual truth. The negative side of this number reveals an inner shallowness and selfish motivation based on personal gain rather that spiritual truths. As a country, we need to reclaim our values and moral fortitude. That seems to have gotten lost in the overwhelm of delusional information from a distorted reality.
The 12th house is the house of death, faith, the subconscious, karmic debt, frustration, and institutions. I see this house as the house of hidden karma. This house is about what stimulates your beliefs. This house brings up the parts that have been hidden from your gaze and your conscious awareness. Today, Neptune, Chiron, and the Moon is in Pisces. There is a lot being stirred up in the 12th house on the emotional level, for obvious reasons. There are things on a global consciousness level that need to heal and change but it is being hidden under the delusional reality of Neptune. So many of us look at it and know with resignation that our government has been bought by the NRA and that even sane restrictions that stop people with mental illnesses from getting guns will never happen under this administration and Congress. So, again the frustration of the people will continue to build. My concern is that the breaking point becomes more catastrophic with each denial and avoidance pattern. The universe is saying, “Are you miserable enough now to change? No! Okay they you need more suffering to wake up and change.” Denial and delusion in combination are extremely dangerous but this is clearly what it is going to take to make the shifts that are necessary. I am grateful that I personally am not caught up in their delusions that hurt so many and compound the karmic debt of those that make the choices against life and humanity. The stakes are getting raised regarding our future. Over and over again, we are being asked to awaken and to take action. But there is still not enough mobilization or even and outright outcry for a major shift that is supportive of life rather than permissive of death and destruction. It seems like such an easy choice but it clearly is not.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Some cry with tears.
Others, with thoughts.
~Octavio Paz~



I just continue to be in shock to the level of animosity and hatred that is still being released even in the face of such tragedy as what happened in Las Vegas. I do not understand what is driving someone internally to lash out at those expressing grief at the loss of lives. It worries me for this world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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