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Numerology/Astrology for 10/26/19

10/26/19 is the number 3. I would rather live the life of the number 3 and its roller coaster ways than to be protecting and shielding myself from the chaos and suffering that is in the world. For most, personal wounding and terrible pain is buried deep within and pushed away from consciousness. That one act is the basis of so much illness in the world. Being open and transparent is tremendously difficult and takes a type of courage that few have touched within. That is because you must acknowledge the hurt and the truth of what your experience was in that moment. You learn to not push away that which caused the wounding. Without awareness, love, and care those parts within cannot heal. The angels said to me when I was a child, “No part of yourself may be left behind.” All parts of our experience are there to teach us, refine us, open us, and help us become compassionate beings to others suffering in this world. But if you cannot admit to your own pain and be a willing witness to the love within you to heal that pain, then you have nothing of substance to give another.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Be warned, the Moon in Libra conjunction Mars in Libra could just set some people off. Irritability, short-temperedness, and out of control egos thrive in this reality. Unresolved inner tension causes unrest, aggravates disagreements, creates opposition that intends to cause trouble and ultimately makes you external reality seem to collapse.

Not only is that problematic enough but Mars is heading towards a petulant square with Saturn. Strong emotions and personal ego desires that desperately want to be fulfilled are blocked. A perfect recipe for a looming disaster. Notice the imbalances in your life and do your best to not resent others.

Everything seems to take more effort than you want. Completing tasks may feel like a monumental effort. Recognize that you have limits with your energy. You will need to adjust. You cannot do everything for everyone. Others need to take responsibility for their actions and choices. You cannot manage to do it all.

This will stir up frustrations, smoldering anger, and aggressive urges in some. Pushing right now is only going to add to the friction and the response of even more resistance.

It is time to let yourself slow down to the best of your ability. That is because obstacles are going to appear everywhere. In relationships there are no good choices. Hopes feel dashed. Escape from what you are feeling is not really an option. You are faced with coping with the cards you have been dealt.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Never swallow everything
that another is shoveling.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I learned a very long time ago in my 20’s that everyone can have unique and special gifts. But magical skills to not mean that a person is fully enlightened and awake. I cannot tell you how many fabulous teachers and healers that are greatly skilled in one area but have very distasteful perspectives and superstitious beliefs in others. I have learned that you always look at the full person. Accept gracefully the places that they are gifted because all of us down here are humans working through our own karmic suffering. And everyone wants to give others what they have to offer. It is a beautiful thing and enlivens us. But do not listen to those toxic energy, beliefs, and ways that their human self is still working through. Never swallow everything that another is shoveling.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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