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Numerology/Astrology for 10/24/19

10/24/19 is the number 10. There are always opportunities to turn things around. There are always moments when you see past the obvious and your personal wounding and get to reach beyond the things that have defined your existence. You are at one of those doors. The question is will you take it? I believe that it is healthy to just try something new and very different today. Newness is always exciting and it challenges your brain to grow and deal with a new pattern or problem. And brains love to learn. I like to think that when something new comes in, my mind has to reorganize the library in my mind like a computer restructures things in an upgrade. It gets rid of the pieces that are less important and puts them on the back areas. Then the things more relevant are brought to the front so they are able to be retrieved more quickly. Let your world be restructured with new information and make things move more smoothly.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon decides to structure and reorganize things as it dawdles through Virgo. There is a desire to attempt to make order out of chaos.

The Sun and Neptune challenge can make you tired, exhausted, need caffeine, and lose focus. While concentration is easier if it is focused in artistic, creative, and spiritual pursuits, you will need to buckle down and deal with facts and real issues in your life and at work.

Venus is approaching a sextile with Pluto and I am sure you can notice that the feelings continue to be intense in lots of areas. Just pay attention to those that appreciate authentic expression and are willing to dive into those things that others are afraid to address.

Seek out the things that give you joy and that you are passionate about. That will take the heaviness out of this day.

It will be time to arrive at strategic places in your life. And by that I mean the more esoteric places within your psyche and consciousness. When you stand from that center and not from a place that needs to impress, you will feel less stressed, more pleasant, and positive.

The Moon trines Saturn, allowing you to focus on your dreams but from a more responsible angle. Stay on course, let others feel as if they can rely on your and keep your mind in a logical place.

The Moon opposes Neptune. First of all it is a lot of emotion that you are attempting to navigate. Second, things keep changing drastically. You may feel as if you are attempting to get to the truth and to the bottom of something but in reality you are struggling with focus as distractions abound.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The horror that will never end.
Hatred projected is the darkest sin.
When you cannot see past the gate
Of the voices you hear that berate.
But are those voices really yours
Or are they the wounding that recurs.
Words projected are like a gun.
With bullets that wound and cannot be outrun.
If you believe what another has said.
A part of you can end up dead.
But when you know who you really are.
It is a bullet that cannot reach a star.
Because your light cannot be undone.
Not by the words of anyone.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I know that this world cycles patterns around. I know that young souls come down to this world to learn about this level of density and physicality. I know that war games (to some) seem fun and a way to feel powerful.

But I also know that there are deep wounds that are carved into the souls that do things from a place of hate, revenge, and a desire to inflict suffering.
I understand that this is a way to learn about consequences but I also know that there are other ways to learn that.
History is one. Honest, painful, grueling, truthful history of the mistakes that mankind has made again and again is a way to feel into the consequences without needing to do them.
Education that is slanted towards the winner does not allow for that truth to come out. That is why I believe that education should show both sides of a story. Both sides of the thought patterns during war.
Because the winners are not always heroes and the losers are not always failures. There is always more to the story. Great bravery has been shown on all sides of a conflict. And that is not shared because it puts the winner in a “less-than” light.
But the truth is that in war there are no winners. Everyone loses. Everyone suffers.
There is not enough soap and water in the world to wash away the stains of suffering that have been inflicted on both sides.
I believe such conflicts are the basis of many hauntings.
Souls get trapped in not understanding why they had to die in such a way.
Why they had to suffer so horribly because of someone’s beliefs and fears.
Why them?
That not being able to make sense out of situations that make no sense causes a type of confusion that many are living through right now.
There are always those innocents that never hurt anyone. And yet they become the consequences for the games of the powerful and rich.
I think the Greeks had it right. The Gods of Olympus play war games constantly with humanity and they care not for the pawns that they use in their games. They do not care about the suffering they create or how many die. They just are playing a game. A game that is an insult to the preciousness of life.
Right now, that is what has happened. The “gods” are  now the filthy rich. The Oligarchy that wants to have all the resources, land, and people to play as pawns in their living game of Monopoly.
The question becomes, “Will you continue to let them do this to your world?”

~Suzanne Wagner~

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  1. Allen 4 months ago

    ‘The question becomes, “Will you continue to let them do this to your world?”’
    In more and more uprisings around the world, the answer to that question seems to be “No.”
    So I guess the next question is whether this increasing sentiment will evolve into a successful, sustainable formula to stop them — hopefully before the Earth is too pissed off to support our species any longer.

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