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Numerology/Astrology for 10/23/18

10/23/18 is the number 8. The number 8 is about authority. In this case today, let’s make it self-authority, personal power, and the ability to find the inner strength to have good judgment. The number 8 is a circle at the top and a circle at the bottom. The upper three chakras and the lower three chakras are connected through the heart. It is the understanding that what you dream must move through the heart and into the manifestation of the physical realms otherwise it is just illusion. You cannot escape the Universal Spiritual Laws of Cause and Effect. Every choice you make manifests as slight course corrections and moves you either more towards enlightened compassion or away. In every moment you have a choice. In every moment there has to be accountability for your decision and actions that impact others. Your decisions make you either more or less trustworthy. Trust is earned not just given. Love is an emotion that underlies all things. It is the glue that holds worlds together. But real trust is a force that comes from congruency. If you give trust to a person, a religion, a circumstance, a government, or a thing that is obviously not congruent, you are just enabling the continued breakdown of your own soul. It takes a lot of energy to convince yourself and to consistently believe a lie. It shows a type of mental instability that does not allow for clarity of thought and sound judgment. The sadness that comes from the realization that you have been duped and that you have become a pawn in someone’s master game is demoralizing. But in the breakthrough, you can find great strength. This number is ruled by Saturn and Saturn will point out the hole that you have dug for yourself, and hand you the shovel to dig a trench out of it, if you are willing to do the hard work necessary. The past few years I have watched in vain, many people dig themselves into a very deep hole. In such moments you cannot help the person who is adamant that they are justified and certain. Absolutes are always a lie. That is because there is always a gray area in all things. And in those moments of watching those you have known go into difficult and dangerous karmic directions, you recognize that this is their journey and a path that you cannot walk with them. No one can take you through the door but yourself. Such doors do not allow for cheating, manipulation, cajoling, or any form of coercion to get through to the other side. Such doors are doorways of honor, love, and respect for oneself and all of life. Such doors require a 100% level of commitment and integration. Such doors are the most difficult thresholds to cross.
~Suzanne Wagner

Astrology Today

There is a shift of signs today, and we move into the complex, deep, sign of Scorpio also while building towards the Full Moon. Scorpio brings those feeling into even more extremes. Being able to tolerate the crap that we have all been tolerating another minute just will not due. Mediocrity is no longer palatable. The realization that there are dark forces at work is now crystal clear and that there are those in power that are attempting to manipulate circumstances to satisfy their own selfish ends. Scorpio reveals all and holds back none of the gory details. What is hidden will be revealed. What is secret will be no longer secret.

The retrograde Uranus is heading back out of Taurus and into Aries for one final transit in just two weeks. It has moved all the way back to the first degree of Aries, sparking that volatile reaction that only an Aries could totally due justice with. There is a firestorm coming. Firsts and lasts in astrology always kick hard and this one at this time is going to be a doozy.

The Sun is in opposition to Uranus so expect push back and a lot of resistance coming your way. Things are going to change. Surprises are afoot. Illumination on certain issues is certain. Some will feel reactive and rebellious. Some will feel emotionally over the top. And some will feel constrained. You need to find a new way to drive yourself forward. But avoid big decisions right now. Haste makes waste. Or haste makes wastelands.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Those who can make you
believe absurdities,
can make you commit




When you allow for small rules
to slide and to be broken,
then you create a trend
and a pattern that allows
for bigger rules to also be broken.
The road of justification is paved
with many small lies that we tell
ourselves in order to avoid
the harsh truth of what we have
allowed ourselves to become.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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