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Numerology/Astrology for 10/21/18

10/21/18 is the number 6. The number 6 is a number to retreat and go to those places inside and outside that soothe and support calm clarity and emotional understanding. While the world will continue to spin radically out of control, it will be up to you to figure out how to sustain balance is a tipsy world. This is a moment of choice. You get to choose your life and how you live in this world. No one needs to give you rules and laws as to what is right when you are a whole, independent, and self-actualized being of love. When you know that you will always respond to the best of your ability with kindness and compassion, then you become a “human being”. Then you have your heart cracked wide open to the suffering of others and you learn to let go of your own suffering, or you learn to use that learned compassion to help others in need. Each of us are on a separate yet unified path. We are all seeking the way back to love and back home. You cannot stop the flood of suffering that cries out to be heard. The more it is ignored the louder it gets until it becomes a scream.
~Suzanne Wagner

Astrology Today

Have a quiet Sunday evening with the Moon still in the sign of Pisces. The energy is one of mellowing out. You are going to need that in preparation for a rushed early work week next week. A reminder that the Sun moves into private sign of Scorpio on Tuesday morning. It is gearing up and building energy towards the Full Moon later in the week.

Decisions need to be made in confident ways and with enterprising and insightful methods as we move forward. Be resourceful as you try to organize chaos into some form that will make sense and work well. You will notice a degree of impatience. I know you want it done and finished. but you have to analyze this problem in order to organize it into a pattern that will be instructive and that will help gain ground in what seems a slippery slope in your life. Enjoy the feeling of a higher purpose and explore that feeling of well-being today. These things are fleeting so you want to wallow in any goodness that shows up while it is there.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I wish for your soul a calm and clear heart.
One that understands that life is an art.
An art that must find structure in order to thrive.
An art that has an intuitive, creative drive.
Only in a place where certainty lives
Can you find the gift that your soul came to give.
Chaos is not a place you want to stay.
Your heart needs a softer place to lay.
When you decide that peace is enough.
All that striving will feel much too rough.
You have a core that knows what is true.
It observes your life with eyes of breakthrough.
Find the center, find the pain.
Find the love, again and again.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Freedom is not a word,
it is a right.
It is the gift given by the
expression of individuality.
You were born with it.
To discover what you could
create in a chaotic world.
You cannot stop the journey
that freedom inspires.
It will demand a change
in how you see yourself
and how you see your world.
It now demands a world
not controlled by those
with power and wealth.
It demands a world controlled
by those that have the
greater good of all in focus.
No person is a puppet
on a string.
We are here to show
that it is the people
that hold the conscience
of this world.
Those in power have
lost the respect
they were given.
And now that power
will be taken from them.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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