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Numerology/Astrology for 10/17/19

10/17/19 is the number 3. You can feel that slight positive flow moving through the chaos. It is like a river moving through a barren desert. There is a life-giving potential that attempts to give something precious and essential for hope, color, life, and love to blossom. Each of you are that small and precious river. It is your love and care, when shared, becomes essential for others often at the most critical times in their life. Never turn away from suffering. It is there to break your heart open. It is there for you to show that you are more than just your ego or a being trying to get what you want in the world. None of us can do it alone. None of us are able to survive without the skills, help, and support of others. Notice right now, how your life would be if there were no farmers, no grocery stores, no daycares, no washing machines. Sometimes there is so much separation between us and others that we forget that everything that makes life so convenient today is because of someone else doing it. That is why today, say “Thank You!” to someone helping you. Practice kindness and being genuine. A small appreciation right now can go a long way.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon will go into Communicative Gemini in the afternoon today. It will give you the mental power, courage, and conviction to look at and communicate in a way that is more open and adventurous.

Mars and Jupiter form a creative quintile and this can stimulate you to get going on some project or endeavor. There is a desire to be better than this. Better than what is presently happening in the world. You know that you have gifts to give this world but you have to figure out how to show and share them. There is a fierce independence that makes you want to make your own way in the world. You seek the resources and look forward to finding tools that will help you move past this moment in time.

Venus trines the North Node and it makes you want to dedicate yourself to something worthwhile. You seek cooperation with those of like mind and heart. You want to reach for the goals that will allow you to co-create a world of peace and harmony. Your mind is active today, seeking that which you feel inside so you can share it with the external world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When you operate from the place of gratitude
you discover that you actually have
something of value to give others.
You realize that you actually have enough.
And a calmness takes over your being,
opening you to even more abundance
that you did not know was even possible.
Gratitude is the doorway to so much more.
When you are grateful for
something you allow it to just be.
Knowing that it is perfect, exactly as it is.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There are people out there that truly believe that they are doing good.
But good for who? Their ego? Themselves? Their beliefs? Their money?
It is not hard to notice if you are helping or harming.

Are your actions actually making a difference in the world, that is positive?
Or are your actions about condemning another, ostracizing them,
and putting others in their (supposed) place?
The later shows the markings of a great evil operating within
the beliefs of self-righteousness.
Those that use justification to harm others, to make themselves
feel good is an indication that something very unhealed
and dark is controlling your soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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