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Numerology/Astrology for 10/16/19

10/16/19 is the number 11. The Number 11 knows that in all life there is inhalation and exhalation. There is restriction and release. There are always the dualities that are about expansion and contraction. It is just a part of life. Everyone goes through it and today you may notice it more. While there is great joy and exuberance in expansion and taking in as much of life as possible, there is also that place where you have to release, let go, exhale and allow for the momentary pause. I find that the more you relax around both sides of this natural process the longer you tend to live. There are those that want to live a fast and intense life but you can also burn out because you also need those moment where there is time to reflect and review. That is not always pleasant but it does help to create a balanced perspective and an aligned understanding of life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues its journey through the desirous and comfort seeking sign of Taurus. Look to the things that you have control over. Clean the house. Make a nurturing dinner. Communicate love to your family. Etc. Be aware of where you are feeling stubborn and are not willing to bend. Then try to bend anyway.

This evening as you go to sleep, the Moon will go into Gemini. So tomorrow expect a more curious mind and a desire to connect, share, and engage.

But today know that feelings can get hurt with the Mercury-Chiron minor square. Notice those that are disconnected, uninformed, blocked, and unwilling to look past their obvious choices.

If you don’t feel that something is aligned with compassion and goodness, don’t do it. That should be obvious but I will state it anyway. Don’t keep things to yourself. Making choices just from what you know or perceive is always limited. Sharing allows for new insights, information, and clarity.

Overall, you are on a sentimental journey. The Moon in Taurus trining Pluto leads you to new frontiers and makes it crystal clear that what you have known is no longer enough to help you with these new uncontrollable factors.
~Suzanne Wagner~


To the conscious mind
all types of death indicate
the next adventure.
Death can never destroy
that eternal essence
that enlivens your body.
That spark of consciousness
carries the soul into journeys
that are beyond this reality.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You know yourself when you clearly
can define the things that you would die for.
Would you be willing to die to protect your family.
Would give up everything you know to have truth.
I know that everyone has died in past lives
for things that they really believed in.
Death is not a failure or a punishment.
I don’t see death as the outcome of poor choices.
However, it is the total commitment
of a soul to a principle, an ideal, a potential,
and a spiritual quest for understanding.
Some deaths are there to awaken
compassion in our hearts.
Some deaths are there to
make us do things different.
Some deaths inspire us to
take radical and immediate action.
And all deaths mean something and
matter in the greater spectrum of things.
Death is a soul seeking to expand
beyond suffering and into the larger
essence of who they really are.
All deaths are a soul seeking
to find its way home.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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