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Numerology/Astrology for 5/22/17

5/22/17 is the number 10. What do you stand for as an individual? With the number 1 or 10 it all begins and ends with you and your choices. The number 1 is about individualization and asking the question, “Who am I?” But perhaps the question today is, “Who are you today…in this moment?” “Do I like who I am becoming?” In life, there are always twists and turns in the dance of evolution. But just like if you are on a trail and don’t like where you are headed…You can always backtrack and take another route. That is where you can turn the number 1 into a number 10. There is always power in choice. You always have a choice. You always have options. Some of those options might be difficult but life was never intended to be easy. It is designed to help you evolve into your greatest potential so you can gift that to the world.
With the Moon in Aries all day, you crave instant results, and you are quick to react. The energy is for being enterprising and choosing to take action. You want more independence. And while you enjoy others’ company and can benefit from collaboration, it can be difficult to integrate these needs. The Aries Moon finds its support in courageous, action-oriented Mars but runs into some trouble with its square to Pluto in the afternoon, when your fears or issues of power and authority can be tricky.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I love the silence that overtakes my mind.
It’s loudness permeates everything
until there is the emptiness
that allows for deep relaxation.
You can see those who have never
experienced such moments.
They live in a rushed chaos
frantically seeking of peace.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When you stand with conviction you begin to learn about real power. Conviction means that life’s choices and circumstances bring you to an edge of an old reality and you discover that there is a line in the sand that morally, energetically, ethically, and spiritually you cannot cross. In recognizing that line and in understanding that you have one, even in the face of great opposition, only then will you discover the place of personal power in that ability to stand for something in your life. It is often a defining moment. It is often a very fearful moment. Such people are the hero’s in this world and they make a huge difference over time. Just think of those men and women who choose to save Jewish children from the ghettos in Poland. They risked their own life because of something morally repulsive and in their core, they could not live with themselves if they did not at least attempt to save a few children even if it was one at a time. Often you never know the name of such unsung heroes. They did not do it for the recognition or acknowledgment. They did it from the moral core and their “humanity” that knew that they could so something small in their own way. Do you know where your line is in the sand? Do you know what lines you would step across even if they were laws? Would you do what it right over what has been dictated to you by others who may or may not have a strong moral compass for good? There is always human law and sacred law. Choose to live your life from the place of sacred law. While it might be a wild ride at times you will at least not accumulate more negative karma that you will have to work through later.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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