Osho Zen Tarot:  Trust, The Rebel, Compromise
Medicine Cards: Porcupine
Mayan Oracle: Universal Movement, Greater Cycles, Lamat
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Disks, The Hermit, Justice
Aleister Crowley Deck: Sun, Queen of Wands, Hierophant, Completion
Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Rainbows, Grandfather of Feathers, Grandmother of Crystals
Words of Truth: Guidance, Future, Sacrifice, Mastery, Fantasy Bond, Anger, Support, Abandonment


We usually feel the energy of the eclipses that will begin July 2nd, next month. 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after the last eclipse on July 16th you will tend to be in the energy. So even though we are not yet at the apex of the energy, there is the beginning of those eclipses unraveling our reality, starting this month. Expect to feel those shifts and know that something is changing within the heart of soul of humanity.

This month, I felt the need to pull more cards out of the of the “Words Of Truth” deck. And I needed to do them in a sequence of two. The first one showing the action and the second one explaining the pattern in more depth.

Therefore, the sequence is as follows:

There is a Guidance for the Future this month.
There is a Sacrifice required to find Mastery.
There is the disillusionment of a Fantasy Bond that will result in Anger.
There are those that will feel that the Support they believed was there has been Abandoned.

I see this as a good thing but those hanging on to a reality that is not authentic will be strained and upset as the truth comes crashing down.

The Hermit card is asking you to go deep. Only then will he give you great insight into the potential challenges that may arise in the month of June. In case you didn’t notice, the pot is getting stirred. Movement is happening and it is all part of some Divine Plan. We are simply players in this greater game. You have a part to play this month and you feel that the dice are in your hand and it is time to take a risk and roll those dice, so that you can enter into a greater game of consciousness and awakened awareness.

There is a lot of support from the ancestors this month, as you feel into this vast, mysterious unknown that is gathering momentum. You might reflect and recognize on how much you have changed. Something is very different. And from that place of realization, there is a type of calm that cuts through the distortions and chaos. You may not know where you are going but you know that you are going. And somehow that is enough.

It seems time to trust the rebel within us. Trust those in the external world that are pushing against those edges that have previously been taboo and untouchable. There are voices that are raising up to call us out of selfish complacency and into affirmative action. To grow we have to sacrifice things from our most cherished past and beliefs. Mastery is not given … it is earned.

To be a true guide into this emerging future, you must have clarity of what is essential for the greater good of all. There are many in our country that feel abandoned by the establishment and those in power. The elderly are suffering. The expense of heath care is making millions suffer with debt and that is an atrocity that none of us should accept.

Those that sit in edges of society and do not fit into the social norm feel abandoned and persecuted. Children are experiencing PTSD because of the lack of safety and laws that would allow children to grow in a natural, healthy environment.

This should never be allowed. I believe that we are better than this.

It is clear that there are some in power that want to have power by trampling on those they have deemed less than and unworthy. This was never what our country was about. We were the country of hope and infinite possibilities. We used to be the country to show the ways and power of inclusiveness not exclusivity.

We were to be the North Star that would direct fellow travelers to safety and possibility. I believe in that country and I know that the majority of American also believe in that. We believe in it because we were raised in it and lived it. We know it to be true. And we know that this belief was the glue that held such diversity together in unified oneness. And that is what made this country the world power that it was. I know that Americans want to be that again.

There are those that want to strip the very identity of freedom from the minds of Americans and bring us backwards into a manifestation of a new form of slavery on the unsuspecting.

But what I know about Americans is that we are a country of Rebels first. It was that quest for freedom that made our ancestors take that leap into the unknown and to seek out the potential that was “out there”.

This month the blood of our ancestors is calling out to each person and reminding us that the sacrifices they made were not in vain and the sacrifices required now will also not be in vain.

The best types of compromise come from holding a position of power, not weakness. Rebels do not feel weak. They feel strong and determined that the choices they make are for something greater than themselves.

That rebel that beats in your heart … remembers. Your soul remembers.

A great world and a great country come from everyone choosing to work together, as one, in harmony, to find solutions that work for all. That is who we are and that “ire” you feel is valid and there for a reason.

The weather is getting hot and bothered intentionally to make us uncomfortable enough to rebel against that which is rotten.

It will be a month that illuminates much, opens doors that were closed, forces those that refused to hear, to listen, and make it clear that the people are taking back the power.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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