Osho Zen Tarot:  Projections, Existence, Stress
Medicine Cards: Lizard
Mayan Oracle: Organic Balance, Caban
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Ace of Disks, Prince of Cups
Aleister Crowley Deck: Pleasure, Death, Lust, Strife, Ace of Disks, Abundance
Healing Earth Tarot: Four of Crystals, Temperance, Chariot
Words of Truth: Seeing, Communion, Childhood

Looking at the cards this month, I am grateful that I am going on vacation for two weeks with my mother and her 87 year old best friend this month. To me the cards look a bit wild and wooly.
So while communing with your inner child and reconnecting to those places, times, and situations in the past is a positive thing. Those moments are there to help you find connection, resolution, reflections, and energy. Yet, there are still some intense moments to be had and we need to address them. So we seem to be starting this month.
The Lizard is the dreamer. He dreams the future so he knows what to do and how to act. The dream to him is more real than the reality. The dream is inclusive and connecting to all things.
You may feel uncertain as to what is real and what is the dream. I personally feel as if I am in a dream. Especially, with all the insanity happening in our country and the world at this time.
I feel like a future visitor that has been thrown back into the past. I feel the shock at suddenly feeling once again the hate and prejudice that I already lived through in the 1960’s. That reality is almost more than I can bear. Because I fought against it as a child and had the illusion that we had made progress. But bear it we must because while some in this country have matured and grown up, others clearly have been stuck in the 1800’s. It is incredible to me that hate has the ability to fester and infect generation after generation.
I personally know many that cannot even see that they are still holding that generational fear and hate. It shocks me beyond comprehension.
I find it interesting that the Mayan symbol Caban is in the mix at the moment. This gliff is characterized by the rainbow, white lion, and whale. All symbols that are being attacked in this world where greed rules over conscience.
The whales are dying at an alarming pace. The rare animals are being bred for “canned” hunting adventures for those that want to kill because they have no real courage. And the rainbow, which is the symbol of acceptance for all in this world, connected to the LGBTQ community reminds us that people that are different are still being targeted and attacked.
Caban is a symbol that brings focus to the fact that too many are living in the past or the future and not dealing with the “Now”!
Change cannot happen without being fully here now.
I know that means that you have to face the horror of this moment.
It is a horror and it is not easy.
I don’t like it either.
I hate that my country is doing things that actively harm the rest of the world. It is not the country I have believed in and supported my whole life.
But here we are.
I cannot live in the ideals of the past America that is clearly not fully here at this time.
I cannot live in the future of what I wanted America to be because now we are so far from that potential as to be very scary and frightening.
Only by being here now can we enact changes that can help us step into a larger picture. Only an enormous overview can explain this dynamic that is presently happening.
With enough time all things change. Many people are well-intentioned but have lost their meaning and purpose. They have drawn conclusions that reflect where they have become lost in their own mind.
So they color and bend the information to match what they need to be true rather than see the truth.
When you disconnect to the Earth, you lose all your grounding and footing.
Many are having that experience.
I know that nature is grasping and desperate at this time. Struggling to survive. And that intensity is so lough that some in the realms of humanity find it irritating. “How dare nature call out so loudly and disturb my little bubble of illusion that I was so happily living within.”

There is being centered and being self-centered.

If you believe that the world should revolve around your beliefs and projections, you are going to be sorely mistaken. Then you are selfish and self-centered. That means that you need to have everything your way. Just like a child.
If you are centered, you are within the natural flow of life. You see it all. The upsets, the suffering, the pain, the mistakes, the losses, the joys, the requests, the needs, the demands, etc.
It hurts to be Centered.
It is painful to be the witness of so much human carnage. I understand why others do not want to go there. But it is also the mature place to be. How can you “grow up” and be an effective communicator in the world and really make changes if you are blowing smoke, speaking in ideals and promises that you have no intention of keeping nor the ability to completely do?
What the world needs is Temperance. That means that we need a better balance. A balance that is coming from a more organic center, rather than a habituated mind.
Everyone is juggling too many things and beginning to question “Why am I doing all this to no avail?”.
There is the recognition that this reality is burning itself right out. And I believe that is a very good thing. We have reached a tipping point. That is a very necessary place to be standing. I expect such a place to be very uncomfortable and stressful for many. I wish we did not have to get to this point either. But here we are. And here we will stay until balance is brought back into the normal and more organic flow.
While we want what we used to have, (And that can never be because none of us can ever go back. Nor would we want to fall back asleep into that stagnant illusion.) that is not possible. What we can have is a better realization of the desperate balance that is going to be required as we move forward. Now, there are no half measures that will be enough. We have pushed this world to a breaking point, so now it is all or nothing. I believe in the All. I believe in the possibility of harmony. I believe if we do not, then humanity will fail and that may be the only way to learn the lessons of consequence.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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