Astrology for October – December 2017 – The Eruption of Deceit


The Eruption of Maya – The Eruption of Deceit


I would like to start with the observation, that Astrology gives you the tools to understand the timing of celestial events. But those events impact each person in their own unique way because of how they integrate with your own personal chart.
In other words, as astrology can be very objective it can also be an almost meaningless thing. Because it is not the event that really matters, it is what you do with that event and the meaning that you place on that event that ends up directing your life and your karmic progression.
Each astrologer sees what they see because of the particular lens through which they read the aspects. Astrology is more like a game of chess than anything. It is about the move you make and then the moves of the universe in response to your choices, actions, or inactions.
In chess, you have to think ahead and anticipate all the possible moves that the universe might take depending on the many moving pieces of the game. But in life, you are not the only one playing the game. Each person, animal, plant, and weather pattern is alive and contributing to the multileveled pieces that are moving constantly.
Astrology is just the study of those frequent pieces that seem to move in a more consistent pattern. By understanding the inherent nature of those pieces and how they interact and move you can begin to make some sense out of the chaotic patterns that swirl throughout life.
I personally find that knowing a cycle or sequence that is coming up allows me to prepare and to not be surprised or confused. I find knowledge is “king” in allowing for a calm mind, a clarity of mental states, and the shifts of emotional intensity that constantly threaten to de-stabilize reality.

If you have not noticed, logic has gone out the window and I might as well warn you that you cannot expect to get it back anytime soon.
I know that I am a Leo and so the slant of my personal lens pays attention to such things as the Leo eclipse on August 21st. Historically, the fact that this eclipse crossed the entire United States is significant for our country and forcing us to look at the reality that we have been “in the dark”. Or that we are potentially going into the dark. (I prefer the former.)
Leo eclipses are most often associated with extreme weather events, from volcanos to hurricanes, flooding to blizzards. The impact of an eclipse is felt for a long time and this one lasted 2 minutes and 40 seconds so you magnify that by years. Making this eclipse in August impact us for the next 2 and 2/3 years. Clearly, we will have a lot of time to work with this energy which again aligns with the shift of Saturn out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on December 21st, as it will also last 2 and ½ years.
This last August eclipse has activated the Ring of Fire and how soon that may calm down is anyone’s guess. But I do not expect a return to the old states of normalcy any time soon.
We are in a time of unprecedented eclipses for the US followed by immediate unprecedented events. The new normal is a type of fiery intensity that is bringing about a precursor to the United States Pluto return that happens every 250 years or so. Clearly this fire energy is setting the stage for something to come. (Though my personal opinion is that we are already in the Pluto return because the US natal chart has Pluto in Capricorn and we are already there.)
The explosive “nuclear” energy of Pluto as the unstoppable force that it is when it is in the structured place of Capricorn has created nothing but constant financial turmoil, economic chaos, political upheaval, and an arrogant backwards trend.
I see all of this as something that is calling us “home”. Calling us back to a point of interconnection. It is a spiritual call if I ever felt one. And it is very loud. So, loud that I cannot believe that there are those still playing games of greed and distortion in the middle of such a lovely song calling each of us to awaken and open our hearts and minds to something so much more vast and beautiful than anything our ego could make our mind believe temporarily.
I sit back and watch the distortion and I see it as a cancer that is spreading wildly and completely unaware that eventually it will kill the host then itself, and then the game will be over.
There is a battle happening between religion and the ego trappings that religion has fallen into and the practical application of spirituality as the guiding principal of your soul. Practical spirituality is separate from ego and the power plays that money and the greed factors into the old methods of religion.
We are to learn something besides right and wrong, desperation and greed, fear and hatred. It is about learning and recognizing when dogma creates any kind of block, causes separation, and attempts to obscure the truth.
You are going to be asked to become the teacher of the information that you carry and to stop waiting and do what in your heart you know is the right thing to do.
Saturn is preparing to set some very strong limits when it goes into Capricorn in December. And while most religions are mostly a head trip and religion is being presently used as an excuse to cause more pain and suffering, not to mention outright blatant cruelty, Saturn is going to put a stop to excessive power trips that are only self-serving. I look forward to the heavy hand of Saturn as it dishes out the appropriate dose of reality when the time comes.
I believe that if Astrology actually means anything at all it is to show us that we are all one and that we are all connected because the planets impact all of us in a collective, as well as, personal ways. It teaches that separation is an illusion and that we were never really an “I”. That we have always been a unified expression of the evolution of life on this plane of existence.
My title for the month of October, “The Eruption of Maya”.
The Buddhist term, “Maya” translates to “pretense” or “deceit”. Within the Mahayana Abhidharma teachings, this is defined as those who pretend to exhibit or claim to have a good quality in which they are actually sorely lacking.
Presently in our culture, you have those who live within the illusion of their own mind that they are following certain, “teachings”. They believe they are good people because they are doing what their teacher, speakers, etc …  are telling them. But you must learn to always feel beyond the words and into the substance of what someone says and then do your own research to discover the truth or falseness of that teachers’ beliefs or projections.
I am calling this month, The Eruption of Maya”, because clearly right now there are many volcanos erupting and tens of thousands of people are being displaced because of being in areas that are dangerous. But everyone is actually in a very dangerous place and that is what the Earth is attempting to tell us.
Crisis and terrible things happen to everyone regardless of their beliefs, culture, or religion. There is a spewing of lies and deception flowing all over everything not allowing for clarity of mind and a progression of compassion, love, and connection.
When we have a world of leaders who practice as a normal daily offering, “deceit” they perpetuate a world of karmic suffering and pain.
What is deceit? It is a display of what is not a real quality and is associated with both passion and lust, with a desire for wealth and honor. The function of deceit is to provide the basis for a perverse life-style.
The experience you are having right now is “like” an illusion. Notice I did not say it “was” or “is” an illusion. Life is a process of making mistakes in how we understand what we experience. But even the experience is an illusion. Experience allows you to gain deeper insight into something and embody that lesson physically not just mentally. But even experience is a magic show of sorts. Becoming truly spiritual involves rolling up all the illusions you define as you, one by one, until there is nothing left but love, compassion, acceptance, and truth.
Thus, you are no longer distracted by the “magic” show of others and do not get caught up into the stories, projections, and words of another whose purpose is to deceive in order to take your energy.

There is a breaking down and a dissolving away of patterns that are caught in the patterns of complacency and trapped in the projections of assumptions. You may want to see the final outcome but that will not be impossible in this moment. The shifts will become more and more obvious when Venus/Mars stops opposing Neptune which will be after the shadowy and explosive eruption of the Full Moon energy on October 5/6.
This Full Moon in Aries is not going to be pretty, especially with the volcanic Sun/Moon Opposition square to Pluto disturbing the hidden truths that will force us to awaken to the soul crushing trajectory patterns in relationships that will need to shift.
We are in a time when unconscious egos are having a great time because they love to emotionally manipulate others to get when they want.
This Full Moon dares you to be real and to let go of the hurtful negation and sloppy intellectual arguments that are going nowhere.
Take a look at your personal style of manipulation. Are you even aware of how it is using you even now?
The more you can admit the more you will press the reset button and reclaim some of that energy that you have lost over the past 10 months with all the excessive protection of your beliefs and positions.
You are exhausted and you know it. But you have to stop the game. No one can make you do it other than yourself.
Once you admit how shitty it has been and how determined you were to “being” right regardless of the facts staring you in the face, only then will you begin to get your energy back.
You will need to nail things down and get back to what is essential in your work environment by the time of the Grand Trine in Earth Signs on October 8th.
This aspect is sublime but filled with important details that are to be done and accomplished quickly.
On October 19th, there is a New Moon in Libra. All that water of the Moon is asking for a recalibration and new types of balance. But then the lead foot of Saturn finally comes off of the neck of Mars and suddenly it is going to be “full steam ahead” with the impulsive energy of Mars forcing changes and upheavals in a multitude of ways.
My concern with this pattern is that political concerns such as North Korea, can ignite a fire that can get quickly out of control if we are not aware and extremely careful. But perhaps this energy will manifest as a crash in the Stock Market instead.
Some will feel this as an exciting time and others as one of great fear. Your perception is critical in such times as to how you will emotionally proceed.
Such aspects create a type of collective turmoil and even though I believe that everything has a purpose (even this) expect the agitation to shake dysfunctional relationships completely loose and galvanize and solidify the really stable ones. I expect to have many feel a type of displaced shock. But such moments make each of us move into a deep, soul-searching evolution within our very being.
Remember, “Awareness is the only way to have a healthy mind.”
~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. PETER EGAN 10 months ago

    I am not a Capricorn, but I have Capricorn currently transiting thru my 4th house ( natal chart
    has Capricorn in 5th house ). Will I be affected when Saturn moves into Capricorn this December.

    • Author
      Suzanne Wagner 10 months ago

      Yes, Highly likely. So take care of your health and do not let small problems languish. Be prepared financially also just to cover the bases.

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